Me and my Dad

This is an interview that I had with my dad. I asked him questions about his life and some about me!

Speech and Debate 2020

I interviewed my mom about her childhood, family life, favorite holidays, her job, and living through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mikeys Final Exam Interview

My mom and her life and what she does for a living. We also talked about her struggles and her achievements

Emily Archiquette and family friend Melissa templeton talk about Melissa’s childhood and life so far as an adult.

Melissa shares about how religion has played a role in her life. Also, she talked about her family life,with her husband in the military and the effect on her two children.

Interview with Dad Jeff Markowitz

Spoke with my dad about his early life and the future of all of our lives


We talked about my dads life growing up and some of his favorite holidays. We also talked about his life in the military.

School project

Lewis Carrey has lived in donors all of his life. His family originally came from Montana where they had a homestead. This gave Lewis many of interesting stories.

world history project

this interview is with me and my grandma we talk about her life as a child and now

Miss.Boyd Class

We talked about what my Dad did when he was younger, and when I was younger. How he would change things or the dumbest thing he did in life. And his happiest and favorite moments. And why he is the...

Melissa Bergstedt and n/a

This is an interview where I asked my mom some questions about her life so I could understand her life growing up and see what lessons she learned when she was my age.

The Story of Frances Elliot

We mostly spoke about her childhood. We spoke about her favorite memories and her rough times, but she always ended the stories with her amazing positive attitude.

Jeannette Garcia’s (mom) interview

Today I spoke about how my mom and her family made her new life in the United States. Her struggles, motivations, and role models who have been there for her.

Get to know Jeff and his family life

In this interview with my Dad we get to know a little more about him and his most passionate moments and memories in his life.

Q&A with Mom

I interviewed my mother by asking random questions i always wanted to know the answers too.

Baba’s Life

My grandpa, Gary Oberti, has had a life full of experiences and hardships, but through it all he has kept a positive mindset.

JP Interview

JP’s life in Mexico and United States

Alice and Papita

Interviewing my grandmother on thanksgiving.