Charlie White talks to his great grandmother about growing up in rural Kansas

In this interview recorded in November 26, 2017 in Holton KS Charlie (12) and his great grandmother Novena (86) talk about growing up in Kansas in the 40s and 50s. Points such as life during the depression, raising four children,...

Interview project with my nana

what the days were like before i was born and what she is most grateful for.

Grandpa Doskocil childhood experiences

Daniel Doskocil interviews his grandfather Joseph Doskocil about his childhood growing up on the farm and his family

Vance (dad)

We talked about his life and also a little about my life when I was younger.

Grammy Lee Looks Back

Grammy Lee shares stories of growing up on a farm with her siblings

Darren’s Outdoor Adventures

I interviewed my dad, Darren Garrison, about his childhood. He told me about how he was a semi-pro BMX racer when he was in high school. He told me about going up to our cabin up north every single weekend...

Lina Mullins Interview -Part 1

Interview part one, got cut short by my mom coming home.

Grandpa Pat

Grandpa Pat’s life as a kid, family, and the farm

Great Thanksgiving Listen Grandpa Bob

My grandpa says that family is one of the most important things in life.

Talking with Gramps

Talking with my 85 year old Grampa

Granddad’s 100th birthday

Interview with John Busma by his granddaughter, Katie Harrold, on his 100th birthday about his life growing up on a farm in Montana, his service in the US Navy, and life in general.

Coach Tim’s interview

Talked about his life, how he was a minority, how he overcame adversity and had a family with 14 kids, went in depth in how he wanted send them all to college

HI 360 Daniel Wellons interviewing Mark Wellons

This interview was conducted by interviewing Mark Wellons which is a 4th generation farmer on the land that he lives on. He referenced his late father Williams I Wellons.

Roots From Michigan

I decided to interview my Grandma about her life as a kid, parent, and grandparent.

Grandma’s Childhood.

In this interview I talked to my Grandma about her favorite childhood memories.

Grandpa the Great

We talked about his childhood a lot, and we talked about him riding motercycles.

Ernestine begins over again

Ernestine shares her story about living on a farm with ostriches and foster kids and dreaming of a new and different life…

Life Growing Up

We talked about how life was like for my nana compare to life today. Including events and memories she remembers.