Donna (Lewis) Hasse and Colleen (Lewis) Acker

Donna Hasse, 81 and Colleen Acker, 51 Aunt and niece : 2020-12-28 21:14:58 Donna Hasse talks with her niece about life on the farm, her siblings, and being a teacher.

HI 360 Farm life with Papa Clyde

My Papa Clyde talks about his experience on his dairy farm and his own personal garden.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I interview my grandma who lived in a ranch in Tupicocha, Peru. Then talks about moving to a city and then to the US. Including memories of her children, regrets and how she’ll be remembered

Sharing with Sharon

I sat down with my Aunt to get her take on what it was like growing up on the farm in a household of 8 children. She was able to share quite a few fun stories that shed some light...

Interview with my roommate Emma!

Emma shares her story of her friend Natalie and how she was honored

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his life. I asked him questions about his life expectancies.

Life of Laura and her Farm

We talked about Laura’s life and her farm. We also talked about her family, her childhood, and what she’s proud of.

StoryCorps interview with grandfather

My grandfather and I were having a conversation about his life and what he’s done in his life.

Rose Friedrich and Bruce Friedrich.

Bruce Friedrich (84) talks with his granddaughter Rose Friedrich (14) about his experiences from growing up on a farm to getting a phd in chemistry.

Hard Times as a Child

My mom, Layne Cox elaborates on a rough childhood and how it made her who she is today. She also goes into detail about important people in her life

My Neighbor Mardela

Mardelas life and how she had to use her creativeness to get out of certain situations

Growing up in the South: Interview with Joanne Taylor (King) part 1

Joanne talks about growing up in the King family near Danville, KY in the 1940s and 50s. She covers sharecropping, tobacco farming, farm life, valuable lessons, hard work, and good and bad times in the process.

Interview with Grandmother Lois in Eastern TN

Childhood, Farming, TVA, Faith, Prayer, Hard Work, Holiday Traditions, Good and Bad times, Advice for Future Generations