Talked to Dad about growing up.

Mary Allsop’s Life

Her life story and how it was as she went though her life. What she wants people to remember her by.

You Folks Are Not Farmers

This interview is about my great grandmother’s family and life growing up on a farm.

Mom’s childhood story.

Florentina talked about when she was young and working as a farmer at a really young age. She mentioned why she did not attend college because of not having enough money so she decided to work as a maid to...

Interview with Nonno Gino

Nonno Gino talks about his time in Italy, coming to America, and his time welding. He says to “never stop learning”.

Linda’s interview

This is part of my grandmothers story.

Life With Dad

From farm boy to executive in a Fortune 500 company. This is an interview with my Dad.

Steve Montgomery and Joan Pasiuk

One Small Step partners Steve Montgomery (53) and Joan Pasiuk (69) have a conversation about their commonalities as individuals and how their religious beliefs impact their political ideologies.

Talking with Mama Luz

This interview was held on June 4, 2018 with my eldest aunt, Luz (Luzviminda). She speaks briefly of her life, important aspects of what make her who she is, and memories of her family, including me, with some assistance of...

My farming interview.

We talk about his career choice, why he like his job, pros and cons of farming.

Grandpa the Great

We talked about his childhood a lot, and we talked about him riding motercycles.

Interview with Dad

We were given a number of questions we could have asked. I picked a few questions from each section.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Grandpa Bob

My grandpa says that family is one of the most important things in life.

Paul Schirmer

My grandpa Paul and i sat and talked about his life and he shared some lessons that he learned and some stories about his early life.

Thanksgiving Project with Michael Vana and Erline Vana

We talked about how it was to grow up “back then” and how it effected them in that time. It was obvious that it was a whole different time period back in the mid 1900’s. We learned about school and...