Granddaughter Hanna Virts interviews her grandfather, Keith Sergeant about his life.

In this interview, conducted November 27, Hanna Virts interviews her grandfather, Keith Sergeant, about his childhood and some of his accomplishments. Her grandfather tells her about life in the farm and his time during his IT career.

StoryCorps Interview With My Grandpa- Jackson Greene

In this interview I talked to my grandfather about his life. We talked about his childhood, Vietnam, and my grandmother. Bill is 78 and I am 12. He suffers from dementia so there were a couple of things that were...

Grandpa Pat

Grandpa Pat’s life as a kid, family, and the farm

Life of Laura and her Farm

We talked about Laura’s life and her farm. We also talked about her family, her childhood, and what she’s proud of.

Interview w/Dad

Interview from 1/19/21; just getting to know about my dad

Carter Pohlmeier’s interview with J.C. Pohlmeier

Carter Pohlmeier interviews grandfather, J.C. Pohlmeier about school, life on the farm, and Nazereth.

Kendall McCook

Interview with my father, Kendall McCook, about his life and his family history.

Tornado at Hyde Park OK 1945

Retelling of Tornado experience At Hyde Park OK old home place of George Thomas Morgan

Interview with Grandmother Lois in Eastern TN

Childhood, Farming, TVA, Faith, Prayer, Hard Work, Holiday Traditions, Good and Bad times, Advice for Future Generations

Hard Times as a Child

My mom, Layne Cox elaborates on a rough childhood and how it made her who she is today. She also goes into detail about important people in her life

Sara Kennard: AP Lang Final

An interview with someone who has made a difference in my public school education asking questions about life.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom and I interview my grandma who lived in a ranch in Tupicocha, Peru. Then talks about moving to a city and then to the US. Including memories of her children, regrets and how she’ll be remembered

Interview with my roommate Emma!

Emma shares her story of her friend Natalie and how she was honored

TGTLP with my grandfather Bob Fisher about his life experiences, farm life, and flying.
November 30, 2019 App Interview

In this interview recorded on November 30th, 2019 in Hendersonville, NC my grandfather, Bob Fisher, talks about stories from his childhood growing up on a farm. He tells me about his later life of flying in the Air Force and...