Marie Neel
December 1, 2020 App Interview

We talked about the differences in French and American media

Joan Kaner and Maria Thacker

Joan Kaner (87) shares a conversation with her friend Maria Thacker (78) about her love of and career in fashion.

Laura Thoms and Kelly Sheehan

Friends Laura Thoms (51) and Kelly Sheehan (48) remember the first time they met and describe the outfits they were wearing that made them stand out to one another. They talk about their weekly Sunday coffee dates and discuss how...

Cathy's Artistic Style

An interview with a family friend where we talk about how art and fashion has shaped her life.

How people REALLY feel about La Creme!
September 28, 2020 App Interview

How people REALLY feel about La Creme!

Grateful for Fashion

Saige Tait is a 24 year old electrical technician who has passion for fashion.

Interview with my grandmother

Carole Dreger, 80, my grandmother. World War 2. Cold War. Vietnam. Meeting and marrying my grandfather. Teaching. Childhood memories. Fashion and music of the time.

Interview With A Twin Sister- Erin and Maggie Salko

Maggie and Erin Salko talk about what it was like growing up as twins. They share their hopes for one another and their plans for the future.

Life of the 60’s in Small Town Indiana

Brenda Skaggs (74 years old) talks about her life throughout the 60’s. Discusses the drug epidemic, music, movies, the Cold War, dating, etc. during the 60’s.

Life During the Pandemic

This interview is about how a pandemic inspired a recently graduated designer to create an online business.

Monkey coconut

We speak with Coral Castillo, fashion designer extraordinaire, about a range of topics

Mary fell barkouras

A fashion designer who had 6 kids while managing an elementary school

Vesper at 6

My daughter Vesper becoming Kanye

Kerica Williams and Ronald Wagner

Kerica Williams (47) and her son Ronald Wagner (21) share a conversation about travel, their aspirations for the future, and their relationship.

Caroline Daughtry and Bella Dalessio-Skare

Caroline Daughtry (23) shares a conversation with her friend Bella Dalessio-Skare (19) about Bella’s experience moving from California to North Carolina, their feelings about living in Wilmington, their interest in fashion, and their experiences in college.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandma, Dia Mostafa, Part 2

I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Rosh Dia Mostafa. She was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 28, 1930. She came to the United States in 1968 with my mother and grandfather. She got her masters degree in fashion design at...

Erin Buitendorp, Claire Buitendorp, and Shawn Buitendorp

Erin Buitendorp (37) speaks with her sisters Shawn Buitendorp (30) and Claire Buitendorp (30) about their experiences growing up as twins and competing together on the reality show Project Runway. They also speak about success, fame and expectations and the...

Cary Interview

Cary and I sit down and have a conversation about his personal style.

A fashion designer’s take: digital media in the fashion industry

How the shift towards digital media is shaping, influencing, and altering the fashion industry.