Michael gentis

I ask Michael gentis my dad about how covid affected him and his business.

Conversation with my Dad

The conversation I had with my Dad; which I’m very close with. We had a great time recording this and having another great conversation.

Dr. Louis Caplan and his son Jeremy Caplan

Dr. Louis R Caplan (84) talks with his son, Jeremy Caplan (45) about life growing up in Baltimore, at Williams College, and in medical school at Boston, as well as meeting his wife, Brenda Caplan.

The father who wasn’t

Discussion with my estranged father we discuss his life, career, accomplishment and his lack of being involved in his kids lives and consequences of that. We reconnected in life about 15 years ago after he was hospitalized after a stroke...

Interview with my Dad

This is short interview with my dad about his life later joined by my younger brother and sister.

Dad’s interview 2017

Ian Longoria interviewed his dad about his whole life. They learned more about each other in the town of Portland Texas.

Interview with Dad

We are interview my Dad about his life and what was the difficult moment of his life.

My dad and I

An interview between my dad and I. Asking him about his life.

David to David, Father to Son. (Ms. Cortez period 4)

This interview is a part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview features a father and son, both named David, going over some important parts of their lives. This interview is mostly about family, life experiences, and life in general.

Robbie Magnuson and his father David Magnuson discuss David’s childhood and family.

Robbie Magnuson (14) interviews his father David Magnuson (48) about his childhood in many different places. David talks about his father in the Marines and the Vietnam War. They then talk about what David liked and disliked about school. Next,...

Painting My Problems

Elliot, a struggling art college student, with social anxiety reminisces through his childhood years and his tough relationship with his father.

Interview with dad

Talking to my dad about his life and experience

Brycen Prater interviews his father, Tyson Prater and asks him about his life and life experiences.

In this interview, conducted on April 29th, a student at Clover Park High School in Lakewood Washington, interviewing my dad, Tyson Prater about his life experiences. The main idea of the interview is how life has gone for him and...

How we got here.

A conversation with my dad who has metastatic lung cancer after years of smoking.