My Father’s Thoughts

Hayley Lin interviews her father, Mark Lin, and asks him about his thoughts on himself and her. They talked about topics that they would never bring up.


Me and my dad have a conversation and in that conversation I ask him 10 questions about home life.

About My Father

This is a interview about my father and what his life looked like when he was growing up.

Mi Padre

My father’s life lessons and how he wants to be remembered as a great husband and father.

Julie interviews her Uncle Jeff about being a musician on the road.
November 29, 2018 App Interview

We discussed growing up in Levittown, NY as a rowdy child. Then, we talked about the experience of becoming a musician and traveling around the world to perform. And finally Jeff told me about deciding to come home to build...

Father Son Interview

I interview my dad about his military service and how being a parent changed him

A Man in Brief

A girlfriend interviews her boyfriend about his deceased father, strict mother, and their own relationship.

Interview with Travis

An interview with my dad about his life and experiences with the church and the military

11/25/18 Dad

We talked about his life and his regrets and what he would do differently if given the chance

Dad’s interview

I interviewed my dad over Thanksgiving. He told me about his career, fatherhood, and hobbies.

Perisa gratitude Fromm

We talked about what my father is thankful for and his childhood

Dada – Life story of my father

This interview is with my father, my inspiration and idol! The journey from a poor farm laborer to making his son an IITan.

My interview with my dad

I was having tech problems with the app, so it cut short. This happened three times, and I re-downloaded the app.