Dad’s interview

I interviewed my dad over Thanksgiving. He told me about his career, fatherhood, and hobbies.

Father’s Day

Caleb and Dean talk about our loving, wise, smelly dad

Father’s Wisdom

Justice, (14, son), talks about life’s challenges and blessings with Jin, (45, dad), and reflects about how he would want to be remembered as and what he wants his future grandkids to know.

Interview with Dad

I love my dad. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone.

An Interview With My Dad

Today I will be interviewing my own father. We are very different but at the end we just got to know each other a little more.

The life of my father

I learned a lot from my father how he grew up and the goal he has for his kids

My dads childhood
November 30, 2021 App Interview

my dad isn’t a huge talker, let’s see how obvious this becomes

Jeff Close Interview #2

We talked about his life when he met my mom, and when he was a little kid.

From Sr. to Jr.

Father explains the love he has for his first and only son

Mother interview

A story about older generations having a influence on the new generations

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We spoke primarily about his life, and his role as a parent.

Ryland Wakeley and Dana Wakeley

Ryland Wakeley, Jr. (65) is interviewed by his daughter Dana Wakeley (25) about growing up in the South Side of Chicago, his early interest in motorcycles, his parents, fatherhood, and other reminiscences.

My Father

Hearing my father’s stories and experiences with special people in his life and special events that led to who he is today.

Juliana + Lee

Asking questions about his childhood and what it was like being my dad.

Story Corps Activity History 2022

We talked about generic subjects such as regrets and childhood.

My Father’s Thoughts

Hayley Lin interviews her father, Mark Lin, and asks him about his thoughts on himself and her. They talked about topics that they would never bring up.

An interview with my father

My father and I discuss his life growing up. We also discuss his proudest moments.

Dani Faltraco interviews her father Peter Faltraco about growing up, raising a family, and a few things in between.

On January 5, 2020, Danielle Faltraco (16) interviewed her father Peter. They talk about his childhood in Belleville, NJ, working at a car dealership, and being a father and granddad. He talks about some of his old hobbies such as...