Great Thanksgiving Listen

Talking with my father about his life, parenting, and life experiences.

My Father

My father is one of the biggest influences on my life and I think he has one of the most interesting lives!

Interview With My Dad

My father wants to be remembered as a good family man and wishes the best for his family

My interview with my dad

I was having tech problems with the app, so it cut short. This happened three times, and I re-downloaded the app.

Dennis Delisle

I will be interviewing my father about his life and work

My grandpa’s story about living through the depression and overcoming hardships.

In this interview, conducted on November 30, 2017, in Arab, Alabama, Adrianne Smith (16) interviews her grandfather James Hendrix (81) about what life was like in 1930s Fayette, Alabama. He talks about how he lived through the depression and how...

The Past and The Present

My father is talking about his past with me. We also talk about the people closest to him and how they influenced him

Papai e Eu

My dad and I talk about his experience being with my mom, my father, moving to this country, and losing his dad.

Father Son Interview

I interview my dad about his military service and how being a parent changed him

Ryan Whisler and Rinald Kindall

Ryan Whistler (35) interviews his grandfather, Rinald "Dale" Kindall (81), about his childhood memories and life before and after World War II, the experience of being a father, and the importance of allowing men to cry.

Megan and Dad ;))))):$$$$$

Megan Soto (@megan_soto on instagram, @megsofine on TikTok) interviews her father, David Soto, who dives deep down into his past and childhood. *emotional *not clickbait

Life lessons with Pops

Just me and my dad talking about life and everything that has happened. What has went on and he’s gone through. He is a hard working man and has been through a lot, and I love my dad.

Interview with Travis

An interview with my dad about his life and experiences with the church and the military

SCI1123: Father Interview

I asked my fathers questions about his childhood, the life lessons he’a learned, and what as a father he would like me to know.

Inspiration thoughts with jim stull

This interview was a suprivlse to me the memiores he spoke about arnt the ones thatvibwas expecting to hear and it ilwas nice that i hear some new stories and ones that i didnt think i would ever hear

Modern Day Hero

Asking my modern day hero questions

Adrian Mittler & Kylei Mittler

Kylei Mittler (age 15) interviews her Grandpa (age 92). They have a heartfelt conversation about the love of family and work. Adrian Mittler is a program chairman of his Senior Association and on the board for the Civic Association.