A Talk With my Dad

We spoke of life, my grandpa, my dad coming to the US, consent, and friends.

Interviewing my father

I interviewed my father and asked him about his life lessons

My dad remembering his father, Peter Sternberger

My dad about his childhood memories with his father. Remembering his father before his passing at a young age.

Isaac smith interview of his grandmother Cathy Cline

Cathy told of her childhood with her dad, pride of grandchildren, Jacob Smith, Ella Kinney, Eli Kinney, Aubriegh Barton,

My host father’s life
November 28, 2018 App Interview

The first time my host father talks about his life.

Interviewing my dad

I interviewed my dad about his life, very interesting.

Chatting with my dad

I’m doing this as an English class project. I am simply chatting with my dad and asking him some questions that interest me about him

A Conversation with My Father

My name is Joe Jennings and I interviewed Bill Jennings (AKA my father). He was born in Milwaukee in the year 1950. He went to the University of Wisconsin and studied Electrical Engineering, met my mom in Colorado at IBM,...

Interview with My Dad

Talked with my dad about his child hood and growing up in a big family. He was a very good student and I asked him why he was so successful. I also asked him questions about college after college life....

Sam and Quinn Schug

My dad and I just talked about some topics we never really get a chance to talk about. Including when my brother and I were born, how he met my mom and married her, and about our relationship.

Interview with my dad

I decided to interview my father for this project.

Interview with my Dad

My dad and I discussed his childhood, memories with my mom, and advice for the future. A few jokes may have been cracked in the process too.

My dad’s experience with substance abuse.

My father and I decided to talk about his personal experiences with alcoholism and drugs, a story which has been important and informative to me for as long as I’ve known it, and that I wanted to share with other...

Interviewing my Dad

Interviewing my dad for my Journalism midterm.

New Media Project

A conversation with my father about technology.


conversation with my dad

My Hero

Simply an interview with my dad about his life and how he grew up