Father Son Interview

Father, son interview about his experience coming to the US and about his childhood.


Max and I talked about his family, mostly about his father and grandfather. We discussed their relationships and also his relationships with his friends and their experiences together.

Armstrong Family

a chaotic interview with a daughter, mother, lurking father, and noisy dogs.


A quick interview about my dad.

A life well lived

This is a conversation I had with my dad. He is very intelligent and a huge part of my life. I wanted the opportunity to be able to come back an listen to his words. He has made a big...

Grammy’s Father

I ask my grandma about her father. Her father was a first-generation immigrant, and he worked two jobs.

Father Pipitone

Interview with my father who is not a priest despite the title of this interview.

Th Great Thanksgiving Listen-Brandon Singh & Roger Singh

In this interview, Conducted on December 1st, 2019 In Chicago,IL, Brandon Singh(18) interviews his loving father, Roger Singh(51) about what his life is today, and what has made him who he is. Remembering his favorite childhood memory of basketball, when...

Great Expectations: Generational Diffrences Can Lead To Postive Change

My father, Tom Cox, discusses the challenges he faced in childhood and how they impacted his life, as well as comparing and contrasting the generational differences between us and how that impacts society.

My Dad’s life

We talked about who he missed and it touched my heart. His happiest moment of me touched my heart too. I learned so much I didn’t know about his childhood and especially his occupations.

Dad about Sara pt. 2

I asked my dad questions about my sister, Sara. I will be giving Sara this for her 34th birthday.

Dad Part 1: Growing Up

Dr. Joshua Scott interviewing his Dad, Dr Jim Scott while on a four day motorcycle trip up the Lake Michigan Lakeshore. This StoryCorps is the first of the three night trip and focused on my dads upbringing in Dunkirk, NY

Porch chats with dad

My dad visited Minneapolis for the first time in 10 years.

Cleveland, fatherhood, and guitars with Darrell Branch

Lifelong Cleveland resident Darrell Branch talks about Greg Stiles as the biggest influence on his life and his son’s life, and their love of guitars

Interviewing my Dad

This interview is between me and my father and goes over some of the aspects of his life, as well as my own.


We talked about Makayla’s childhood, her sexuality, and her relationship with her parents.


What we talked about was how growing up to do good things in life will have a good impact on you in the future

Father interview

In this interview, I interviewed my father and he told me the story of his past.