“You can be a man of integrity and work at the county dump”

Bill Hicks talks about joining the Arlington County police department years after almost being killed by a police officer for attempting to help black voters in Georgia register to vote during the civil rights movement summer of 1967.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

I had an interview with my grandfather. We talked about my grandmother because she is from India and we talked about his job in the Peace Corps.

Learning about my families history with my Grandma
September 11, 2020 App Interview

In this interview conducted in Sep 2020, I interview my grandmother about her life and decades of experience. She shares about her childhood memories of playing with her sisters and her highschool issues with a somewhat unhappy relationship with friends...

Jose 2nd period AP human geo

We talked about how my mother got proposed to and important life lessons

Oral history project

Mostly about my moms personal life.

For school

Interviewing Tom a friend of my family’s for many years I ask him about jobs he has held his childhood and growing up was born in 1940s had many siblings and along life.

Morgan talks to her dad about his childhood, career, and family

Morgan Hickey, a student at Egg Harbor Twp. High School, interviews her dad, Mike Hickey, about his life for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019. He discusses his childhood growing up in the city of Philadelphia, and later moving to a...

Interview with Cousin Joan

Interview about her childhood, first job, and things that impacted her life greatly

Syed haider thanksgiving listen

This was about my grandfathers life and the things that he went through. He also explains his childhood without advanced technology. Another thing that he tells us is his job and also what he wanted to do when he was...

Alex Goldberg and his mom Stacy Goldberg talk about the major events putting her life into place.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Marlboro, New Jersey, Alex Goldberg interviews his mother about her experiences putting her life into place. Stacy explains why she decided to be a social worker, talks about the time when her...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Great Aunt Jeannine

I interviewed my Great Aunt Jeannine for this assignment. She was super sick so I tried to make it easy for her, but it was important for me to interview her because she is the reason I am at Emory.

Christmas 2017 with Papa Weeden

Recording of PaPa Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden II) and Dan Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden IV) on Christmas Eve 2017

Me and my grandpa talk about his past and how his life and jobs were.

Me and my Grandpa Greenough in Sierra Vista AZ, talking about his life, jobs, and experiences he has had. We talk about his military positions and his jobs and favorite places he has lived.


This is the story of when my dad, John Ryan was working as a manager at his high school job at Popeyes and the store was robbed.

An Immigration Story

Basically, the interview discusses family, and what immigration was like for an Indian family. It also entails more about Jyoti’s childhood and how her life has been.

Great Grandma marge

I sat down and talked with my great Grandma about her life and experiences and learned some things I didn’t know about my family🙂