Thanksgiving Listen… part 3

In this interview with my grandpa Gar, we talked about his life starting from childhood to now, and everything important in between. (My interview kicked me out 4 times so I have 4 different interviews, but I am turning in...

Selia Rendon talks to her dad about his childhood, and career.

Selia interviews her dad about his childhood and career. Adrian Rendon is her dad, and he has a lot to say about his first experiences, and gives advise about relationships and careers.

My Older Sister

This is my older sister Nayah. In this interview, she talks about her love life, her work life in the medical field, and just life in general. I hope you enjoy/ed!

Dad’s Stories

My father shares some of his stories about immigrating to the U.S., dealing with his father’s passing, his relationship with my mother, and more.

The send off

In this interview on April 22nd 2018 we found out about Jyll's childhood and how happy it was. We listen to her thoughts on rasing children and how it changed her as a person. And talked about her being a...

About Love

I asked her about love story. She describe her experience about love.

The Simple Life of My Mom

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019 in Los Ángeles, California Nataly Lopez(16) interviews her mother Maria(52) about her childhood, love life and religion. They have a laugh when talking about first kiss and share wise words about marriage...

About Life

It's about an American girl's life experience from childhood to a member in the society.

courtney’s interview

We are currently in a car going on vacation! While we are in the car i decide to ask my sister some cute little questions!

Storycorps Interview

My participant is Ida Gatdula who is my grandmother. In this interview, I ask her about how she met my grandfather, her first kiss, her career, and one of her childhood friends.