FLE 400

I conducted a interview with Alex Mays. We discussed about several different topics, such as life, friends, and work.

A Thoughtful Friend- An Interview with Emily Ojeda

Learning a lot about a close friend and getting to know more about her views and thoughts on past experiences

Interview with Kelly

My friend and I discussed various questions for my English class.

Too new friends

Kari and Juan Carlos are new friends that bond together through this refreshing experience.

A Lebanese Childhood

I, Jack Marounian interviewed my dad, Arthur Marounian. I interviewed my dad a my house in Los Angeles, California. I am 15 years old and my dad is 47 years old. A 1770’s childhood in Lebanon was was way different...

Micheal and Kristine’s interview on life

We talked a lot about how our childhood shaped us and our family. We also talked about norms in the society we live in.

Into Natalie's Mind

In this interview, I talked with my roommate and learned things that I never knew before; her goals, her inspirations, and her joys.

Transferring and leaving her old life behind.

As jasmine talks about her good memories at NSU, she also tells us what’s in store for her at the University of Monroe.

Mayu, Shaaf, and Abigail’s Ethnographic Interview about Relationships

We decided to share about different relationship norms in our different cultures, in order to highlight the similarities and differences between them. We learned a lot about interpersonal interactions through this exercise and are now more informed individuals.

Interview With Myself

I asked myself a few questions about my future and a few about my past. Mainly the topic focused on those who have been the most influential in my life, which is my loved ones.


I interviewed Jasmine Blaha today. We talked about her childhood and her life so far.

John and Corey Discuss Their Creative Paths

Talbot and Persaud get a chance to interview each other about how they began their music and poetry journeys. They also talk about how they became friends and ended up where they are now.

Practice Intervier
November 15, 2017 App Interview

Practice interview with a friend.