Kay Miller’s Special Memory in Philly

Kay Miller talks about the photograph that provokes nostalgia of her loving friendship she had

The Wonderful Interview with Elizabeth

My wonderful and exciting interview with Elizabeth from the Fellowship Manor

Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser

Friends and fellow members of Carver Community Garden of East Harlem Douglas Purviance and Sean Loutzenhiser discuss life in NYC during Covid-19 quarantine, how community gardening has changed their lives, and the differences between life in NYC and Belgium during...

COMM-405-01 Final

I interviewed one of my closest friends Colin, and asked him a bunch of questions to do with his personal life experiences

Gary Wooten Vietnam Veteran. Just Mag. 1961-1963.

My friend Gary Wooten and I talked about our friendship.

Mayali Nelson and Alexandra Jones

I asked Mayali about her role growing up with siblings and how it shaped her view of socializing and connection. We talked about family and traditions.

A peek into the #deaddadclub

I interviewed my oldest, bestest friend. We chatted about childhood, career, and her experience joining the #deaddadclub, and living life after grief.

The Great Thanksgiving listen

This interview was mostly me just asking Ms. Jackson some random question. About her life, growing up, Job, and etc.

The Great Listen 2018

This interview focused on the family, traditions, and careers of the interviewee, Drew Gannon. He gave an in-depth description of his family’s thanksgiving traditions as well as his childhood job as a paperboy. Childhood memories, advice, and good stories are...

Grandpa’s Tales

We talked about my Grandpa's life before children and true commitment. He shared with me what his life was like when he was younger and who his parents were. His mother was bedridden most of his life and his father...

Jake Baumhofer and his mom Lisa Baumhofer talk about how moving around as a kid had an effect on her.

In this interview, conducted in Greenville, South Carolina, Jake Baumhofer (14) interviews his mom, Lisa Baumhofer (45), about how moving around had an effect on her. Lisa talks about how she grew up in a military family and therefore moved...

“There’s somebody in this world just as crazy as I am”

We are just two good friends having a conversation. Friendships develop over time, however Dontae and Jamaal have the same interests and passions that seemed to speed up time. This is a glimpse into the life of a bond that...

Sugar Can’t Bring Him Down

“You’ll be dead by the age of fifty” Jerry Sraberg was told. 14 year old Demi Weitz interviews her grandfather, Jerry Sraberg, about how being a diabetic affected him in negative and positive ways and the obstacles he overcame. In...

Hannah Bartsch and Carlos Andres

Hannah is a fourth year Nursing major from Fort St John in Northern British Columbia (Like really far far far north). As my neighbor in Jacobsen hall, I recall our first few interactions were skirmishes over loud music from my...


Cheyenne Waters (18) and Rebecca Klosko (17) reflect on their friendship and school in general.

Reconnecting with old friends. What influences a happy life?/How to people influence your life?

Today I interveiwed my old friend Anika about what makes a happy life and how the people you surround yourself with contributes to that.

Virendra Pal Singh Gill: Retired Indian Army General

Virendra Gill (74) has a deep conversation with his granddaughter, Keya Dutt (12) about life in the Indian army and in India.

Shepherd and Mama

An interview between a five-year-old and his mom. We discuss Santa Claus, Bey Blades, and all the reasons people get sad.