Michael Amadeus , 12/3/2020

Interview with my co worker Michael Amadeus. Michael’s a shy man, he doesn’t like to draw much of any attention to himself so this interview really wasn’t easy to get him to agree to.

Kym Klapperich and Roger Thompson

Kym Klapperich (57) interviews her friend Roger Thompson (72) about his experience in Vietnam, what it was like being a prisoner of war, and the people he met who changed his life.

Revisiting an Eternal Relationship with my Grandma

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Fernanda Scharfenberger (17) interviews her grandma Lee Scharfenberger (72) about her relationship and friendship with her husband. Lee Scharfenberger shares recollections of their first meeting, and journey from dating until...

Olivia’s Interview

Talk about Olivia and I's friendship.

Dana Mann-Chipkin and Jamie Michelle Loynes

Dana Mann-Chipkin (57) and Michelle Loynes [no age given] discuss their spiritual beliefs, practices and why Yuma Arizona is such a special place for both.

John Bratton reflects on the friendships he has made.

John Bratton, resident and owner of a house on South Carolina Ave that is affectionately known as “The Cave,” reflects on some of the friendships he has developed with individuals who have passed through his doors over the past 40...


An interview with my grandfather regarding his journey with Parkinson’s disease.

The Pearl Choice Project – Part 3

A friend of Toni asked for money to make a car payment and how she responded.

Me and my Dad!

Steven and Matthew Bottone share the importance of parenting and music, and how they help shape our lives.

Interview with Zeek

A conversation with my co worker Zeek.

An interview with Cecilia about travelling

My name is Irene (19). I am a student from Ginling College of Nanjing Normal University. My interviewee is my roommate, Cecilia (20). We had this interview about traveling in Nanjing, China, on June 21th.

Sue McConnell & Kristyn Weed

Sue McConnell and Kristyn Weed are best friends and Vietnam-era veterans. Although they didn’t serve in the war together, they share a story of courage — on and off the battlefield. At StoryCorps, they talked about their other shared sisterhood....

Sheryl Olitzky and Atiya Aftab

Atiya Aftab (53) and her friend and cofounder Sheryl Olitzky (65) discuss how their interfaith, multicultural friendship inspired them to start their non-profit, Sisterhood Salaam Shalom which is a program that encourages friendship, dialogue, and action among Muslim and Jewish...

Roy Wilkins & Keith Melick

Retired 1st Sgt. Keith Melick and retired Army Special Forces Command Sgt. Maj. Roy Wilkins were on a mission in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan in 2004 when their caravan was hit by an IED. Roy was seriously injured in the...

Denise Donnell and Hilary Trudell

Rev. Dr. Denise Donnell (48) and Hilary Trudell (38) discuss how they first met, the Christian church, historically-rooted power structures and systems of oppressions, a falling out that they had, and how they eventually reconciled.

Who is Ashley

Hi! This is my roommate Ashley. She's a really cool girl :)

Soy boy interview with jaime masin

Hi. This is an interview with a man i knew for a while