Ian Juica interviewed Kaleb Hunsicker. It was a mix of different subjects and questions.

Why is Anna Anna?

Gaby interviews sister, Anna, as she constantly laughs through the interview.

Grammy interview 2017

We talked about last memories and things she has done in her life.

lessons and stories I want to share with the world

These are a few of the stories that my mother has shared with me when I asked about her childhood, family traditions, and people who have inspired her the most. I feel like after this interview I have gotten to...

Time capsule- Ian interview

We talked about a variety of things. Ian gave his truth and we all listened.

Betty Hockett and Steve Hockett

Steve Hockett and his mother Betty, age 90 who is on Providence hospice share family recollections of Betty's many missionary trips overseas to developing countries and the influence in her early life of reading and how being a prolific writer...

GTL With Joyce sours

In this interview I talked with my grandma about her life growing up and memories.We also talked about adventures she had and advice she gives for our generation.Also around 9 minuets there is a pause/stop bcs the skype had turned...

Interview with my dad – 11-26-2023 13:41:57

I did this interview with my dad asking him a few simple questions. My dad’s name is Joe Glarner, he is 67 years old and was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I asked him a broad range of questions from...

Gramps and Me
November 25, 2021 App Interview

My Gramps spoke about his life

Fun time with tanner
November 18, 2021 App Interview

Tanner talks to james about school challenges and life

First year sem interview

First year sem interview with Garrett Cote


Interviewed my brother

Kicking it with mom

I interviewed my mom about being a immigrant and asked her about her past and her experiences.

Interview with Karen

Me and karen wanted to do an interview for fun.

The Great Listen

We talked about Michaels life as a young 6 year old.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

What his child hood was like and just about his life experience

Vikram Bellamkonda and Ian Hunt Interview.

Class Assignment. Interviewed my roommate and asked questions about his life, about concept of death, things he would change, etc.

Growing up

This interview was about my mom childhood through teenage years and what is was like.

College Interview

I interviewed my older brother and my sister. I asked them questions about how they feel about me going to college. I apologize for my sisters language.