Me and my bro

He’s my favorite person but he doesn’t even know.

Service learning

Life lessons and stories about childhood.

beginning to endings

memories that we both hold. jokes, laughs and convos.

Interview with my brother

Talked about how my brother was arrested and what he did at a young age. Had fun learning new information from him!

Doing democracy

Today I interviewed my Grandma. In the interview we talked about her life.

My Grandma Ginger

My grandma is a great role model for all of us grandchildren. She told me about my dad, about living in Minnesota, and she gave us some good advice

Big Tasty and Poppa Tasty

We went through everything from my father’s happiest moments to his dumbest moments. I’m surprised he talked for sixteen straight minutes 😂.

Havin’ Fun

Just some funny stories about life about all the crazy things my Grandpa did to have fun and the things that would get us into heaps of trouble today.

Nick Velezis and his Grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, talk about growing up and living through major historical events.

In this interview, on November 24, 2018, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Nick Velezis interviews his grandmother, Bonnie McGrath, about her life growing up in Michigan. Nick asked him about his life during the Civil Rights Movement, John F. Kennedy's death,...

Test Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019.

In this test recording, Raneen Rehani, a student at Egg Harbor Township High School, in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, records a practice audio file for the 2019 Great Thanksgiving Listen. Raneen Rehani is in grade 11 and is studying...

Maddie Komatinsky and her Grandma talk about growing up in Wales and family and friends along her life path.

In this interview conducted on Nov. 26 in Manhattan Beach, California, Maddie Komatinsky interviews her grandmother, Anne, about her childhood and growing up. Anne shares thoughts, stories and memories of growing up in Wales, moving to he US, meeting friends...

Thanksgiving listen project

My dad and I talked about his life and what has affected his life. He answered my questions about his life and about what he has lived through with American History.

Story corps project

I interviewed my mom Angela about her past experiences with her life

Natalia Parker

Interviewing Jayden about her life

Thanksgiving Break Interview

This interview will be about me asking the person being interviewed about life & his favorite moments.