Getting to know my family part 2

I talked with my step-father about his family background. Other questions were included in this interview.


We talked about where she grew up and what she thinks about the political party's

Holy Moly you make Holiday Ravioli?!

My friend that I haven’t seen in a while and I talk about what we were thankful for this holiday season and what fun traditions we get to do over the holidays.

Great Thanksgiving Day Listen

I loved this I didn’t even know some of these things about my mom

Does he rage quit?

I asked my friend Nevin Quigley about how much he played video games and his life around video games.

Abby Berry College 2018

I talked about what I have learned at Berry, and I talked about what I will be doing in the future.

History interview

We talked about his parents and stories from his childhood

Sitting by the pool with my grandma

Asking my grandma question about our ancestry

Cathy’s Life

I asked Cathy questions about her childhood and how she met her husband. 2:00-3:38 and 4:20-5:45.

interview w brad part 2

We chilled and had a fun time in college comp

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Greatgrandma and grandma answered questions

Double or Triple trouble

I talk with my grandmother about her childhood, found moments, and times she’s not too proud of.

Her and I

She is a inspirational person. She is a great cousin


How her life was.

Spring project

It was an informative interview. But I am glad he cares about my education