Mrs. Reeds

In this interview, i talked with Alex Whalen about her life and ambitions.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Greatgrandma and grandma answered questions

Her and I

She is a inspirational person. She is a great cousin

About my dad’s life and what he enjoyed in it.

We talked about his childhood and some lessons he was taught in life. He even talked about some life lessons that he would like to give other people.

interview w brad part 2

We chilled and had a fun time in college comp

Sierra Landreth’s Interview

We talked about all kinds of things, from life to future plans. And we even talked about the local birds.

Does he rage quit?

I asked my friend Nevin Quigley about how much he played video games and his life around video games.

First thanksgiving of my mom

My mom talked about her first thanksgiving and how she celebrated it. She talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she was introduced to thanksgiving, who she spent thanksgiving with for...

Great Thanksgiving Listen Reese Martin

This interview is very short, but sweet. We talk about things ranging from my grandmother's childhood to her advice for many generations to come.

Spring project

It was an informative interview. But I am glad he cares about my education

Getting to know my family :-)

Today I talked with my step-father about his family background. Other questions were included during this interview.

Great Thanksgiving Day Listen

I loved this I didn’t even know some of these things about my mom


How her life was.

Cathy’s Life

I asked Cathy questions about her childhood and how she met her husband. 2:00-3:38 and 4:20-5:45.

Natalia Horcasitas and Richard Horcasitas

Natalia Horcasitas (40) and her brother Richard Horcasitas (43) share memories of growing up in Yuma and having a tight knit community of neighbors and friends.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview took a lot of tries but at the end it was worth it because I learned a lot of stuff about her that I didn't know before

Sitting by the pool with my grandma

Asking my grandma question about our ancestry

The great thanksgiving listen 2019: with Grandpa

In this interview, I talked to my grandpa Larry about his life. Today is Thanksgiving in 2019. We are having dinner with my parents and their friends.