Thanksgiving project (interviewing my mom)

We talked about who she missed and her memories. Also the dumbest thing she ever did and if she had any regrets.

Jake and I

Just a convo with Jake and I that describes us well.

Tylah and Darius talk about his childhood, events that shaped him, and future advice to coming generations

In this interview between Tylah Wells (17) and her mentor Darius Parker (27) taken on June 1, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Darius speaks of memorable childhood events and gives uplifting messages for those who are struggling. Darius speaks of life...

Grandpa Mike

He owned horses when he was young!!! We luv him!


This is the first part, because it stopped recording. We spoke about childhood memories and advice.

Interview with Mrs. McDonel

We had a very good interview. It was a total of 15 questions.

Mom and dad interview

Asked my mom and dad about there life’s and how they became who they are today


I asked my mom some questions I wanna know

Thanksgiving interview 11/30/22
December 1, 2022 App Interview

It's was fun and there was a lot of laughs.He made me laugh a lot and he even said some stories that I didn't even know. When he talked about Grandpa it made me happy and there was a spark...

Seth Henson Interview

We talked about Seth's family and some of his important political beliefs.

career prep interviews

we talked about caleb’s past and how he wants to be remembered