From Healthcare Theatre Classmates to Great Friends

Two friends who met Junior year in a Healthcare Theatre class talk about life and reflect on the times they’ve had together.

interviewing my dad

I asked my dad some questions about his life, He answered them, we laughed a lot.

Mom and me

Me and my mom been through a lot and no matter what I love her

Great Grandpa Interview

Was pretty short and I knew most of the stuff already; but was still cool to listen to.

Know about me True2u

We talked about our lives and this was the best experience ever

Interview with my mother

We mainly talked about her experience of raising me and how I was as a child

Nikk and Shelby Wood

Questions about life, love, faith and family. And Nikk’s poor taste in clothes.

Belonging in the Past

A glimpse into the life of an all America man who, loved, lived, never let the past weigh him down.

Interview with my father on our family history.

In this interview I discuss with my dad about his family and their origins.

Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family.

Jenny Rask: 2020-11-16 00:25:40 Jenny Rask Interviews dad Gene Rask about his life. Growing up with his family. Starting off talking about the 2020 elections and Biden/Harris winning the election, turning the republican dominated senate democratic. He remember the life...

Aunt Mildred and the Cadillac

Remembering my great aunt Mildred and her pink Cadillac with Grammy and how important loved ones are and how they can never really leave you.

Youth in Asia

While attending the University of Hawaii, Bobby was not very interested in school, and frequently missed class to go surfing. One day when he did go to class, he heard his teacher tell the class that their paper on euthanasia...

Thanksgiving Listen 2017

This interview is light-hearted and relaxed.

Farts are still funny when you’re old

Gaby, Glenn and Eva tell one of the funniest stories they can remember.

Opening up with my best friend.

Spoke a lot about religion and family. Dove into what’s really important in life!

Brotherly love

We talked a little bit about his child hood. I also asked home how he felt towards me

Kristen Siemientkowski and Keith Pluymers

Kristen Siemientkowski (24) shares her favorite childhood memories of her parents with her partner Keith Pluymers (25)

Eli Ghiz and Parker Cane interview

I (Parker Cane) interviewed Eli Ghiz about his life