Aymen Sahraoui interview

In this imterview I ask my sister some questions about her life

Ryleigh Stewart and Grandma

This interview focuses on interesting events in my grandma's life. It talks about dangerous things, gross things, her favorite grade and funniest moment with her siblings.

My mom and I lol

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Efren Carreño (18) interviews his mother Maria Cardona (45) about her childhood in the country she was born

Anya Mammen with Heather Fisher and Renee Mammen

Renee and Heather are friends from college who still get together every year. Every year they tell new stories of their young lives together and myself, my sister, and heathers four kids gladly listen. I wanted to keep these memories...

Interview with my god sister featuring funny stories

This interview is basically about my god sister’s childhood with funny stories from her college life and childhood.

Ela interview

Joel Woodward and I mostly talked about his life in the service and how it has effected him to this day.

Andy’s interview

My boyfriend Andy did a little interview with me.

The Poop Tank

We really talked about a bunch of funny stories my grandmother had to offer. Many brought a few chuckles from her and I.


This is about me asking my Mom about the American dream and about her future.

There’s more than meets the eye

I interviewed one of my closest dearest friends and got to know how she truly feels about life and me, which was great

Thanksgiving Interview w/ Annie

Annie Yorgason, a 10 year old you down syndrome girl, talks about all the things she likes in life. Like where she likes to go or what she likes to do.

Molly and Ali Asher discuss funny stories, family, and jobs.

Molly and Ali talk about funny job stories, family stories, and the future. Regrets and worries are also brought up. We talk about former job stories and experiences that were fun. Motherhood is a very life-changing thing and it can...

Entrevista con mi mami :)

It was mostly childhood questions. We also talked about life lessons and funny and scary stories

Interview with my Grandmother Part Two

My grandmother and I finish our interview with the rest of a fun story

Andrew Leitner and Aliyah Schneider

Aliyah Schneider (30) and friend Andy Leitner (30) reminisce about the first time they met and their road trip form St. Louis to Los Angeles; they also talk about their friendship and what they admire in one another.