Interviewing my friend Nabaa

My really close friend Nabaa, she’s 17 we’ve been for almost a year and we just mostly talked about career,future etc

Adam Cooper

Me interviewing Adam Cooper one of my best and longest friends. Delving into some DEEP topics!

Interview With My Father

I asked my father hard-hitting questions that went into depth on life goals and aspirations. Moreover, we talked about goals my father has for me and grew a deeper connections within deep questions.

Aditi Dixit and Siya Shenoi Talk About the Past, Present, and Future

Siya and Aditi discuss the memories of the past, complications of the present, and hopes for the future and other quirks about life in general.

Thanksgiving with Grandma

Maya talked to her almost 80 year old grandmother about the past and future

Mother daughter interview

We talked about me and my sister being born. We also talked about my future and school

Sharon and Thomas Banks discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Sharon and Thomas Banks discuss the climate emergency and behavioral change in her community.


Talked about her life and her hopes for her future life

Jordan Moore

The interview started with short questions. Then i expended those questions that started longer conversations. After a handful of questions I started asking bigger questions that provided longer answers expanding the conversation.

Future Interview

We talked about future goals for Catalina after graduation.

Ben Stohler and Mason Harris

we talked about common questions that most people would ask

Reflecting on the Past and Future on Christmas Morning

Mallory Henig, 33, and Mark Persky, 76. Niece & Uncle. This interview was a Christmas gift from Mallory to Mark. We discussed Mark’s parents, past career, what he is looking forward to in retirement, and what gives him hope for...

Dealing with COVID-19 :CUNYService Corps Edition(Part 1)

This interview covers how a resident of New York is dealing with the pandemic COVID-19, general thoughts and lessons learned so far.

Interview with my dad

We talked about what he wants to happen in the future.

5th Grade Sister Talks About Her Interests In Life, and as well as Her School Life

Junie Chen, a fifth grader talks about her life shifting from an elementary schooler to becoming a middle schooler. "As long as you try, you get a good grade" as she quotes from her gym teachers, which is her favorite...

Lizzy Kelley and Wade Bishop

Spouses, Lizzy Kelley (36) and Wade Bishop (46), talk about their relationship, their life during the pandemic, and the message they would like to share with their future selves.

You’re going to try some things and mess up. You have to learn from your mistakes

I talk to my mom about some things I’ve wanted to know her opinion on and wanted to get a clear view of what she’s thinking of for the future. Also a way to get to know my mom just...

My fathers past and my future

I interviewed my father and discussed with him on things we’ve been through, his past and my future. How he grew up and his childhood. The interview was recorded on 11/27/2020