Learning something new

Me and my mom talked about family and me. Very simple questions and easy to answer. Also talked about future and kids

Movies: Discussing the Shortcomings and Future of the Film Industry

Today we discuss the topic of misrepresentation in movies, as well as how the future of film can improve. The conversation is hosted by Kayani Jaramillo, a college freshman majoring in Mass Communications, and includes her mother, Enigma Gomez-Herradura.

The Great Listen of 2020- A Conversation with Jaslyn and her Mom!

In this interview, I, Jaslyn, learn about my mother’s past and learn if she ever had an regrets. I learn how her past has affected her life and formed her into the person she is today!

Interview with Omar Villalobos

We talked a lot about past memories and what his hopes are for the future. We also talked a lot about family.

Qualitative Interview

Interviewing a friend about his life so far. And also about his future and what it holds.

Interview with uncle

My uncles childhood was tough,having to movie all over Canada. He thought that our generation has too much technology and we spend to much time on our phones. High school was harder too in his opinion and there were less...

Me & Mommy

My mother talking about life and what she wants for me in the future.

my mom kim
November 27, 2017 App Interview

my mother is such a strong person and hearing her words really shows the type of person she is

Qualitative Interview

Interviewing a friend about his life so far. And also about his future and what it holds.

Truthful Sister Stories

In this interview I asked my sister a series of questions and she answered them completely honest and openly.

MacGyvers plans

Told us of her future plans.

Life lessons learned thus far – Alexis O

We talked about Alexis’ future plans as well as so far life lessons learned.

The Santa Clara Experience

We interviewed each other about our high school experience and how it shaped us as the Class of 2018.


My partner and I are talking about the results of 2008 presidential election and how it was effective.

Yager’s Story

Mr. Yager’s experience in the worlds of the military, business, and education have all shaped him into the person he is today. Though he faced traumatic events during his time in service, it taught him key values that have stuck...

English Interview

A small interview with modest questions about the past, present, and future of Benjamin Hall-Agerton.

Baniaga Interview

My Mom and Step Dad are getting married soon. I wanted to ask a few questions that might not be remembered. I also wanted things that are not sad every day to be told today. My parents won't get to...