Interview with my Dad

We talked about my birth and my childhood and his high school experiences and about our last name and we talked to our future selves and we made this interview into a time capsul!

Christine’s Life

This interview was brought back to my mother, Christine Benedetto, life. She shared her feelings, attitudes, and relationships.

My Interview with my Dad talking about how he raised me and if he should have done anything different.

In this interview, conducted in April 30 2021 in Newport Beach, California, I(19) interview my Dad (49) about his life and what he thinks about his parenting skills. He speaks about how he has questions if he should have raised...

interviewing my dad

Some of the life choices my dad made as a child and future bringing.

Mila rico

Future for mila and I, fears, regrets, goals, trails and tribulations of being a teenage girl, and a glimpse into her family history

MacGyvers plans

Told us of her future plans.

Truthful Sister Stories

In this interview I asked my sister a series of questions and she answered them completely honest and openly.

Letting Me In

Me and my friend Esmeralda De Santiago get a little deeper looking into her life. As she talks about what's most important to her whether it was about her future, dreams, past and accomplishments.

Yulissa’s thoughts!

Yulissa shared her thought as. Junior and what she was thinking of herself at that moment and a message she wanted to tell herself In the future.

18-Year Old Geovanni Celaya and His Life.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. I, Karen Salgado(17) interview my old friend and peer, Geovanni Celaya(18) about his plans for his future tomorrow. He talks about what mark he would like to leave when he...

Interviewing My Mom

We talked about my mom’s past life and her administrations for me.

Christie Appelhanz and Rich Eckert

Spouses and One Small Step partners Rich Eckert (54) and Christie Appelhanz (46) share a conversation about their children, their family, their marriage, navigating their relationship with different political views, their perspectives on religion, and their decision to live in...

MYP Speech Interview

Interviewing Ari about her life. Finding out new and significant things.

The life of Nancy Pantaleoni and her experiences as a child to an adult.

This interview recorded in Manhattan Beach California on 11-22-17. Nicholas Pantaleoni (13) interviews his Grandmother Nancy Pantaleoni whom is 77 years old. Miss Pantaleoni shares her stories as a child, and favorite hobbies as a child as well. She also...

Rosa Galindo and Danna Griego Remembering History

My grandma and I went back in time to talk about her childhood and how her life went when she was younger. We also talked about the future and what she would like for her to happen.

Adriana Vigil and her mom Dedrea talk about the past, the present, and the future.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Adriana Vigil (16) interviews her mother Dedrea (55) about her life and her hopes for the future. Dedrea shares stories about her teenage years and how she has grown...

Maddie’s calling

I interviewed Maddie to find out if she found her calling.

Qualitative Interview

Interviewing a friend about his life so far. And also about his future and what it holds.

Sara Smith and Adam Banter
July 25, 2019 OSS Hub

Sara Smith and her One Small Step Partner Adam Banter talk about topics such as climate change, younger generations and how to approach differing political views.

Mateo Rangel and my dad Joel Rangel Talking about his Life.

In this interview, conducted December 1, 2019 in Eugene, Oregon, Mateo Rangel (14) and his dad, Joel Rangel (48) talk about his life. He talks about his childhood, job, and his experience as a father. He also talks about his...