Media Portrayal of Men, Women, and Politics
November 3, 2017 App Interview

In this podcast, we discuss how media bias ties into the roles of men, women, and politics.

Just gotta push yourself to be you all the time.

A brief conversation between two Black non-binary people (one who is also trans-identifying) and their struggles with society, growing up and coming to understand gender identity, expression & sexuality.

A Different Era: A Dissection of Masculinity and Gender Roles by the Traditional Man

My name is Connor Foster and I interviewed Timothy Wallace. We have a 26-year age gap, and met through my girlfriend -- his daughter. In our interview we discuss masculinity and how it applies to either gender, gender roles, and...

Hayley Greco and Quinn Jackson

[Recorded: Thursday, September 21st, 2023] Hayley Greco (19) from New Fairfield, Connecticut, and Quinn Jackson (19) from Scotch Plains, New Jersey participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA....

The feelings of a young man.

The interview is about a teenage boy who is expressing how he is dealing with life after announcing he is gay.

Cindy Taylor and Bobby Putrino

[Recorded Tuesday, May 16, 2023] Cindy (63) and Bobby (51) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Cindy is a writer and cares deeply about social justice, equity, and being involved with local nonprofits. Bobby is a husband...

Gender Identity

We talked about gender Identity, socialization and the image of ideal beauty.

Fashion industry

This interview is about the positive changes that the modeling and fashion industry have had over the passed years, and first hand experiences of what this model had noticed herself being in the model industry in the late 1900s.

Group 29: Gender Justice & The Incarcerated Adelphi University School of Social Work

As part of the Social Action Project of 2023, our group interviewed 3 Former Incarcerated Persons charged with different criminal felonies. While it is important to know that incarceration is part of our justice system, the prisons in the United...

White Noise Collective reflections Part 2: Toran Ailisheva and Zara Zimbardo

Toran Ailisheva and Zara Zimbardo, founders and core members of The White Noise Collective, talk about anti-racist ancestors, treasured memories of a decade spent in this work together, and wishes for how it may ripple out.

Gender & Clothing- Leilah and German
December 4, 2017 App Interview

We discuss the Idea of gender being represented in clothing and how that effects society's norms and expectations.

The Perceived abilities and inabilities of men and women.

This discussion is one in which we all speak of certain topics that pertain to the certain abilities and inabilities of both men and women.

Tk, Maddy, and Marcos talks about a big question here is why, why do we put children and even adults in a box of limitation.

We are discussing this because it shows how parents today values so much about how boys should be boys and girls should be girls. This matters because it shapes your views how you expects others to be and it shape...

Immigrant: Turning 30 in America, a conversation with the author, Golara Haghtalab.

Emma Fivek (28) talks to her friend Golara Haghtalab (30) about Golara's book, Immigrant: Turning 30 in America. The two discuss how Golara came to the US and her journey since arriving. Going from hostessing at a restaurant in Charlottesville,...

Fen Kennedy and Sabrina Reynolds

One Small Step conversation partners, Dr. Fen Kennedy (32) and Sabrina Reynolds (49), discuss their relationship to the American South, how educational models influence politics, and the ways that they've become happier over the years.

Sexual harassment and gender issues in the service industry.

A conversational interview between a couple about dealing with gender issues and sexual harassment

Lindsey Lewis and Jim Faucher
October 14, 2022 App Interview

Lindsey Lewis, 36 years of age and Jim Faucher, 79 come together and have a conversation about religion, gender and being true to who you are

Bryan Frausto, Cynthia Segura, Enrique James, and Aylene Sedano talk about how expectations, and gender affect the political process

Gender affects the political process a lot, especially women, because they are seen as objects to men rather than a human being trying to be smart.