This is an interview between me and my mother regarding her immigration story. I want it to bright to light how fortunate we are and how much our parents have sacrificed for us to be her in the US today.

world history interview
November 25, 2022 App Interview

interview my grandpa. Asking him questions about life and him telling me about his childhood

Great Thanksgiving Listen by Vivek Kudva
November 27, 2022 App Interview

This interview was conducted by Vivek Kudva. His father, Yogish Kudva, participated in the interview. They discussed Yogish's life.

Interviewing My Step Mother

Yo mismo, Isaiah Lee, entrevisté a mi madrastra. Yo tengo 16 años y ella 38. Aprendí mucho sobre ella en la conversación y me alegro de haberlo hecho.

“A Life of Growth and Change: An interview with Xujin”
December 15, 2022 App Interview

My name is Yuru I interviewed my friend Xujin and both of us are 21 years old. This interview is focused on Xujin's thoughts on life.


The backstory of my mother.

Heavy G the Greatest

This is my grandpa from Spokane, Washington . I asked him about the Cold War , The 50s and 60s and so much more. It was a wonderful time to interview him .

12/12/22 BKTV Corbin Hafley

i interview my grandma about who the most important person, lesson, and accomplishment in her life.

Russell Lowery-Hart and Christopher Sams

Chris Sams (41) insights with his chosen father, Russell Lowery-Hart (51) in a conversation about how the two became family members and what the journey has been like.

Life after the curve

The challengers my mom had to overcome in finding work after my dad left

Checkpoint 5 interview

This is an interview from my grandma about Memphis symbols that should be shown.

All about you

In this interview I will be asking someone very close to me all about them, things that they’re interested in, things they remember that makes them happy, things that make them not so happy. We talked in this interview for...

Defining Happiness and Family

In this interview we talked about family, marriage, and happiness. We discussed why family is important and what our hopes are for one another.

Interview with Mom

We talked about me and the struggles that came along with me as a child.

Myra’s Story

ReAnn interviewing her mother, Myra Padlan.

Love and sacrifice

The story of an immigrant who left everything behind to come to United States. She speaks of her struggles and goals that she still hopes to accomplish. The love she has for her kids drives her to be a better...

Grama and culture
February 18, 2020 App Interview

My grams told me some things about her life, and about things that she would like me to remember

From a Mother to a Daughter to the World

Erin Yambao interviews her mother about the importance of family, giving back, and independence. She shares lessons and experiences she has learned and gained throughout her life.