Frances Wright, 2/6/22

I spoke with my grandma about her life and personal experiences.

Finding comfort in the catholic religion

My aunt is catholic and she didn’t necessarily follow all the “rules” of Catholicism but she still believes in God and has formed a relationship with God. She said that she was going through a time when she lost herself...

Dad McKeen and Daughter McKeen
December 30, 2017 App Interview

Conversation over breakfast with my dad about childhood, relationships, marriage, and God.

My grandma tells me about her walk with God.

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Thornton Colorado Matthew Mahnke interviews his grandma Judy Mahnke about her relationship with Crist and what he has done in her life. Judy also shares some of the mericals she has witnessed....

My Mom and I

i interviewed my mother for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. i asked her about what is she thankful for and told her beliefs.

How they changed their lives

Mrs.Hisley talks about her life as a child. Where she grew up. I asked her about being an immigrant and what it was like at that age. I also asked her the dummest thing she did in her life. I...

Questions with my Grandmother

For this interview I talked to my Grandmother about her life. I asked all sorts of questions about who inspired her and who she misses. I felt very blessed to receive the advice that my Grandmother gave me and, the...

Interview with Stephine (situational questions)

In this interview, I asked Stephine 12 questions based on a situation and what she would do. These questions related back to the ideas of freedom, God, justice, morality, etc.

Young and Poor

An interview between a husband and wife

Ronny’s life story

Ronald Michael is a good person who is faithful to the lord from life lessons that have shown him the lord.

Life of A Humble Man

My dad talked about how he is grateful for the life he has been given. My dad mentions how he doesn’t take the life god gave him for granted.

Family of Italian immigrants migrate to America, serve for our country, and start a financial business.

This interview was recorded on November 30, 2019 in Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States. The interview was between Sophia Curcio, 13 years old, and Richard Curcio, 72 years old. Sophia is Richard’s granddaughter on his youngest son’s side. This...

Chat With Gramee

My Gramee and I talk about her growing up, being a teacher, marrying my Papa, and how God has been present throughout all her years.

Grandmas interview

In this interview we talked about my grandmothers upbringing and her upbringing of others and the path God has taken her on.

Kody Cumpton talks to John Cumpton about growing up on a farm in the 70s and 80s

In my interview my grandpa tells me about what it was like growing up, and tells me some things that have changed from when he was growing up we talk about some of the struggles he went through and he...

My grandmother, Nedja

Growing up in a small city in Bosnia and Herzegovina in poverty. My grandmother didn't have much in life other than her family. She explains that her family was always her number one prirority in life.

My Father the Pastor

I, Elandra Freeze, interview my father about his spiritual journey that lead him to where he is now and what he hopes to do in the future.

Uncle Chuck

A quick interview with my uncle Georger “Chuck” Woods. He briefly describes his michevious teenage years and connection to God.

Seth Hakes interviews his grandmother, Joyce Rowe, about how life was like back then in Clintonville, Wisconsin.

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Greenbay, Wisconsin, Seth Hakes (17) interviews his grandmother, Joyce Rowe (78), about her childhood in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Mrs. Rowe reminisces of her times growing up on the farm and of her younger...

“It’s a service of humility”

"Life in the priesthood is one of humility," says Michael Hennessy in this interview recorded shortly before his May 2018 ordination as a priest. Hennessy is a New Englander who started thinking about being a priest when he was teaching...