Edward Tori Stevenson
November 30, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my Grandfather on his life.

An interview with my grandfather

I interview my grandfather, Paul Perrelli about his childhood, experience growing up, and his jobs as a teacher.

Asking my grandfather about his life

I Jackson frame interviewed my grandfather Doug Rainforth in York ME

Interview with My Grandad

I interviewed my grandfather about his life experiences. We discussed his entire life and his hardships throughout. I learned a lot more than I previously knew about my grandfather.

Stephanie Corales and Miguel Corales Lira

Miguel Corales Lira is a loving and fun grandfather to Stephanie Corales. Though just recently meeting him, Stephanie absolutely loves her grandfather and he is always able to bring a smile to her face.

paw paw

this was such a good experience and i really enjoyed it.

Ian Mason Interviews Grandfather Michael Rose for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017

In this recording, Ian Mason in Aiken SC interviews Mike Rose for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017. Ian Mason a Junior.

Yeh yeh
December 25, 2017 App Interview

A life of hardship, happiness and learning. A story worth knowing.

Ben Luongo: Family & Life’s Important Lessons

My father, Ben Luongo, discusses his family’s history and the importance of determination (and a little bit of luck) when building a life for oneself.

Interview with my grandpa

Talking about coming to the United States and his childhood

An Interview with Mike Palmer

This is an interview with my grandfather, Mike Palmer, for The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

Me and my grandfather

Me and my grandfather discuss and ask about his life. Some of it I already knew but most of it I didn't

Interview with my Mom about the life of her Dad and my Grandfather, Thomas Scott Cobb.

My mom dives deep into the life of her Dad. His upbringing, Navy Seal days, college life, jobs, and family life are discussed and interestingly portrayed.

GrandPapa_June 2019

I talked to my grandfather on June 10, 2019. My grandfather is my mother’s father, and he is 89 years old. My papa shared about his life experiences and fun memories.

Grover Family Interview

An interview of my father, Daryl Grover, by me, Bryson Grover.

Grumpy Thanksgiving 2019

Archer talking to Grumpy Thanksgiving 2020

My Grandpa and Me

This is an interview I had with my grandfather on Thanksgiving. Thank you for being so patient with me Poppy. I love you.