Interview with Pop Pop

Today I recorded this interview with my Pop Pop to help document his presence in my life. At first I only looked at this as an extra credit project for my honors world civilization class, but after I did this...

A Talk With my Dad

We spoke of life, my grandpa, my dad coming to the US, consent, and friends.

My grandfathers story.

In this my grandfather talks about his struggle with his family during the depression, highschool life, and more

November 13, 2015 App Interview

Mr. Kocher remembers his grandfather, William (Bill) Weigel.

Josh Higginson interviewing his grandma and grandpa

I interview mostly my grandpa with help from my mom and grandma. We talk about where he grew up, his time in the air Force, meeting my grandma, and moving to America.

Interview with my Grandfather Sir James A. Heberlein

**DISCLAIMER** innapropriate language was used at 6:56 in this interview. I am very sorry for this inconvenience. Nonetheless, I had the pleasure of interviewing my grandfather for this project, and did not regret it. He was someone growing up that...

Isaac smith interview of his grandmother Cathy Cline

Cathy told of her childhood with her dad, pride of grandchildren, Jacob Smith, Ella Kinney, Eli Kinney, Aubriegh Barton,

Interview with My Grandfather

My grandfather and I spoke about his life currently and in the past.

John Harkin talks about his life experiences with his son Jack

John Harkin describes some of the things that he learned growing up as a child. What his role in the house was and how he learned to be a mechanic. His experiences of going back and fourth between America and...

Mother and Son

I had an interview with my mom about how she felt about me, and how her life was when she was growing up. I learned some new things about my family and my mom.

Grandaddy’s Life

My grandpa, Ike Wilson, told me about his life in the airforce throughout the Vietnam War. He also told me about his life and family.

Interviews On The Road With Grandpa

Jack Beyer interviews his grandfather Carl Harbart with tales of family from ye olden days

Grandpa Thanksgiving Interview

This is an interview of my grandfather. We talked about his childhood growing up in India, his work life, family, and his effect on others.

Emma Guth and her grandfather Terry Rude talk about his childhood and his lifestyle as a teen through the culture.

On December 5, 2018 Emma interviews her grandfather in Greenville, South Carolina about his life as a teenager and how it was influenced by the culture. Terry discusses how he came to know the lord and how his childhood affected...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Gianna Dreher interviewing her grandfather Robert Dreher. “Family is everything.”

During this interview, for The Great Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my grandfather, Robert Dreher. The main topics of conversation were his childhood, his family, school, his life as a teenager, and his baseball career. I got to learn more about...