The Time I Learned My Grandma Had Three Older Brothers.

We talk about my grandma and fathers past, along with my future.

Sean and Maria

Talking about my grandmas past, her experiences in Mexico, history of my mom and her grandfather too, and about my grandmas cooking. Endless stories being seen through the eyes of my grandmother made me connect closer to her spirt.

Historia de Gloria y su tiempo en un pais nuevo

Today we spoke about her story in coming from Mexico to living a new life in the United States. We go in depth about her experience and her families experience.

Is there a difference between the North and South?

My grandma and I were talking about her childhood experiences. She explains her first experience in the south. She was in the park and a white girl approached her and told her "move nigger" but my grandmother refused and hit...

Thanksgiving Current Events

Asking my grandma questions about life

Grandma’s Secret

My mother’s life growing up and relationship with her grandma.

Hayden And Phyllis talk about growing up and family roots

Hayden Interviews his Grandmother, Phyllis Barrett about the way that She grew up in Rexburg and Rigby Idaho. Phyllis also talks about her children and her Parents and Grandparents. The interview is interesting because you get to know someone else's...

Me and my Grandmas Interview

I talk about my grandmothers history and how it was hard to raise 8 children and to have to take care of her siblings.

GTL With Joyce sours

In this interview I talked with my grandma about her life growing up and memories.We also talked about adventures she had and advice she gives for our generation.Also around 9 minuets there is a pause/stop bcs the skype had turned...

Mary Lou Dumary

Interview with Mary Lou Dummary

My grandma
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Yeah my grandma doesnt know english but we basicly talked about her as a kid, and some of her memories.