Kaylee & Grammy Gail

My grandma and I talked about how it was raising me and my mom and some about her childhood as well.

Grandmas life

This is some of the life of my grandmother. She’s so important to me and just such a big part of my life. You might laugh, you might cry, you might laugh some more, but no matter what you do...

My Grandma and I

A conversation with my Grandma about her early childhood. We discussed her school life quite a bit, and how she met her future husband. We talked about her siblings, her grandparents, and her parents. The best part was when she...

Thomas Misiewicz: The Thanksgiving Birthday

We talked about her past and how she lived and wants her life to be.

The Most Important Moments In Life

In this interview, Evelyn, my grandmother, talked about her childhood memories and how she learned how to use her patience. The one thing she said was “never ever step down.” This phrase means you can be anything you want to...

Seinfeld: Susan libson

We are Seinfeld. Epic interview about family, and religion.

Violet interviews Gaia Pam

We talked about her childhood, her parents and siblings, school, her job and how she met her husband.

My sister

We talked about my sister’s past and her influences.we also talked about how she envisioned her future but things didn’t turn out the way she thought.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandma got the chance to sit down and have a true heart to heart conversation. I got to learn all about her childhood and career choices and just what it’s like to be a wonderful mother and grandma.

Justin Villone and Grandma

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandma

December 24, 2015 App Interview

A chat with Grandma

An interview with my Grandma- Sylvia Pearson

In this interview conducted in Denton, Texas, Sylvia Pearson explains her life in the eyes of a believer and the important lesson she would have told her younger self. In this interview, she also explains her feeling toward her husband...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandma (2017)

My name is Alana Fernandez and I am interviewing my grandma, Anna Fernandez in Miami, Florida on November 25, 2017. Topics related to school, childhood, politics, and work were discussed. Anna Fernandez is 82 years old and was born and...

All about you

An interview with my grandma to talk about her life growing up, the type of jobs she had and what those jobs Involved. Also there is so much advice that is great for life…

6 Secrets to Her Life: My Grandma

I interviewed my grandma about some of her hobbies like cooking and gardening. I also asked her about her thoughts on children.

Selenne Zarate talks with her grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her life experiences. This included both details from when she lived in Mexico and now that she is in America.

David Gregory getting into the life of Brooke Brown

David Gregory talks to his grandmother about herself and her parents life in the 1900’s. David’s grandmother values most how she was able to bounce back from difficult situations and grow as a person.

A talk with nana

I’m this interview with my grandma on my fathers side, Nana talks about her years in Missouri with her tough family and how she raised strong and loving men. She speaks of her days in Missouri with her mother and...

Traditions from Growing Up on an Ohio Farm

I called my grandma who now lives in Mascotte, Florida to interview her. It may be hard to hear at some points throughout the recording since the interview is over the phone. I asked my grandma, who is 66 years...

Interview with grandma

My grandma and I sat down and talked about our family and her art work.