An interview with our incredible grandmother who has overcome so much to provide us with a rich happy life.

Carol Almanza -Thanksgiving 2017

This is Cooper’s Thanksgiving Day 2017 interview with his grandma Carol Almanza.

My Grandma
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma on her childhood.

December 24, 2015 App Interview

A chat with Grandma

Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my grandma about growing up and raising her children.

Interview with grandma

Asked my grandma questions about her and her childhood. Was assigned this for a class project.

My Grandma’s Message to Future Generations

My grandma born in Akola, India describes her life filled with advice from her father and ends the interview with an inspiring message for future generations.


Interview with grandma about her life

Granny’s life

I talked with my grandmother about her life

Stephen Fry and Norma Fry
November 25, 2018 App Interview

It sound weird, because for some reason when my voice is on a recording it sounds super weird and extremely deep.

I interviewed my grandmother about her life growing up and her constant changing views of life and politics

I got the chance to interview my mothers mom about how her views on religion and politics also just about her life with her parents, then kids and also with me

“Inside the mind of Barbara Witham”

This interview is based on the future and past of my grandma Barb. I ended up learning a lot of new things today when I asked some questions that were rather personal. I found out that my great grandma raised...

Traditions from Growing Up on an Ohio Farm

I called my grandma who now lives in Mascotte, Florida to interview her. It may be hard to hear at some points throughout the recording since the interview is over the phone. I asked my grandma, who is 66 years...

Interviewing my Grandma

In this interview, my grandma and I talked about everything from her childhood, her accomplishments, COVID-19, and even gave me a heart-to-heart pep talk.

Grandma Mickey Baccus

Interview with Mickey Baccus at age 93


Me and my great Grandma

My interview with grandma

My grandma has lived through so much history at 90 years old. She has lived in Brooklyn, NY her entire life. I’ve learned so much from her. In this interview she shares stories of her youth, her life and her...