Grandmas life

My great grandmother who is 88 years old telling me her favorite memories!

History Project
February 21, 2020 App Interview

interview with my grandmother for history

elder interview with jordyn palmer

brenda answered 15 questions talking about her childhood & people who have changed her

Interviewing our Savtah: her family and her outlook

The grandchildren of Karen Fernandez interviewed her just ahead of her 75th birthday where she treated the family to a wonderful trip to Florida. Her mother used to give gifts on her birthday when she was 75 and she wanted...

Grandma’s brother Vietnam war drafting story

My Grandma and I talked about how her life was effected when her brother was drafted in the Vietnam War.

Relationships project with my Grandma

I interview my Grandma on her life and on advice for me and my possible future children

Racism, COVID-19 and mental sacrifice

I interview my grandmother about the pandemic were living in (COVID-19), Racism in the late 1940s and mental health arising in this pandemic.

“I was so happy”

Julianna Williams, 17, asked her Grandmother, Anita Payen, 77, about the favorite memories and the person that was the most influential in her life.

How my grandma’s grandparents met and came to America.

In this interview, conducted On December 1st 2019 in Tarzana, California, Liam Hatzer interviews his grandmother Joan Hartley about the story of her grandparents meeting. She tells the story of how they were separated when her grandfather moved to America....

Interview w/ Grandmother

Interview with grandmom for english project.

Interview with Nanny 4/24/2020

We talked about her grandmothers influence over my grandmothers life and the impact of her grandchildren. We also discussed her child hood and what it was like growing up.

Grandma was a rebel, yet still a great special ed teacher?

Sometimes life does not go as planned, so expect change. This video talks about growing up, becoming an educator, and then watching your family change throughout the years.

Jo Ann Convery Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up. We also talked about general things that she experienced throughout her life.

Joanne Shun Interview

Teenage boy Zachary Falvo interviews his grandmother Joanne Shun. In this interview they talk about Zachary's parents, Joanne Shun's past, and Zachary's grandfather who died early due to terminal cancer.

Is life better now?

My grandma was so kindly to sit down for a few minutes to talk about this new generation.

A Christmas Corps

Cousins Mary and Hayden Evans interview their grandmother Patsy while at their family Christmas party. Patsy offers charming tales and pragmatic life advice in her signature style.

Leilani Ferguson and her grandma Salud Mangahis talk about her immigration to the United States and her experiences

In this over the phone interview, recorded in November 2018 in San Diego, California, Leilani Ferguson (16) interviews her grandma, or Lola, Salud Mangahis (75) about her settlement into the United States from the Philippines and her family upbringing. Mrs....

An Interview with Matilda Clar

I interviewed my grandmother (my "Oh-wa"), and we discussed her experiences in the United States, how she perceives herself, and advice that can resonate with everyone.

Intervieing my grandma

Talked about my grandma’s childhood and family