Clayton Ma interviews his father Calvin Ma about his past life in Hong Kong.

In this interview, conducted in January 19 2022 in Burlingame, California, Clayton Ma interviews his father Calvin Ma about his past life in Hong Kong. Calvin shares about his childhood, who shaped his views and ideals, the traditions that have...

Interview of Walter Romeo, and his granddaughter Lisa Shafer and his great-granddaughters Savannah & Lauren
January 28, 2021 App Interview

Walter Romeo, (age 97) talks with his granddaughter, Lisa Shafer (49) and his two great-granddaughters Savannah (10) and Lauren Shafer (9) on April 2, 2015. Sitting at the kitchen table on West Henry in his Tampa Florida home, enjoying toasted...


We talked about his life and all about him. We started off with where he was born and ended on memories about my mother.

Maria Solis talks to Juliana Solis about childhood memories.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois Juliana Solis (17) interviews her sister Maria Solis (25) about her childhood in Mexico. Also about her coming to The U.S and how it was pretty hard being a mom...

Liam King and David King talk about his childhood and career.

In this interview conducted in November 2023 in Chesterton, Indiana, Liam King (15) interviews his grandfather David King (69) about his childhood and career. David talks about some of his time at school and how it led to his career...

Interview with Mom about Grandpa

We talked about my mother's decreased father and what he was like.

Papa Dan great Thanksgiving listen

Jackson(17) and Daniel(64) Butterfield Thanksgiving listen interview on what life was like

Interview with mom

In this interview I talk to my mom about her motivations and who has impacted her in a way that shaped her life today. With these people who shaped her life is their anything she learned and would want to...

My grandfathers experience in the foreign service

In this interview, we talk about his experience traveling the world as a government employee and his most memorable moments.

A thanksgiving interview

This thanksgiving I got the opportunity to talk with my grandma about things I wouldn’t have ever known if it weren’t for this app

Eli Landau and Zach Knapp

Eli Landau talks about his story of coming to America.

Deeper dive into Jim Walsh’s childhood

I am one of Jim Walsh’s 13 grand children, and he is 74 years old. He used to be a kid who like to have fun, thus he has interesting, and amusing anecdotes from his youth.

Interview with my grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa about his life, family, and adventures.

Interview with Grandpa

I was talking to my Grandpa who has Altimers about growing up in Manhattan. A lot of the story was repeated but we went on for a while but my phones low power mode went on and it was cut...