Interview with grandma

What was life like for Susie and how did it change over time.

How my grandma’s grandparents met and came to America.

In this interview, conducted On December 1st 2019 in Tarzana, California, Liam Hatzer interviews his grandmother Joan Hartley about the story of her grandparents meeting. She tells the story of how they were separated when her grandfather moved to America....

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Rebecca Schmitt
November 28, 2022 App Interview

This interview is with my mimi Rebecca Schmitt. She is my grandmother and moved to wheeling in 1978 with my pop Charles Schmitt. In this interview my mimi shared many memories with me that i will be able to listen...

Interview With My Nana!

Interview with my grandma, asking her various questions about her childhood

ELA interview

My mom and I talked a lot about being grateful for every day you are here!

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking my Grandpa a few questions about his life growing up.

Oh How The Times Have Changed

This interview is a just a casual flashback to the past. Starting all the way back in 1940 and progressing all the way to current day.

Ady Jeltema & Kaleigh Tooker interview with Grandparents

Ady Jeltema and Kaleigh Tooker, age 15, ask their grandparents, Denny and Joy Tooker, 19 questions about life before and after they met. They answer questions that involve the ups and downs of their journey of meeting at the age...

Papa – 89 Years Young

My grandfather, who I call Papa answered some of my interview questions. He discussed how his childhood was, where he lived as a child, his first job, how he met his wife (my grandmother), and how he raised my father.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Mom

Lily’s mom tells her about growing up in Troutman and some stories of when Lily and her brother were born. She also tells her about her great-grandparents, Evelyn and Eugene Reid and Alva and Marie Ramsey.

Austin Barraza and Mary Barraza

Austin Barraza (27) interviews his grandmother Mary Barraza (84) about her life, including her childhood, her parents, and being a mother.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Kaleigh Cole

An interview by Kaleigh Cole to her grandmother Charlotte Cole about her life

Talking with my Grandpa About His Childhood

Talking with my Grandpa about when he met my Grandma, about his parents and grandparents.

Safa Razvi’s Life Story…so far

In this interview, I asked my younger sister Safa about her perspective on life so far and how she has dealt with changes and reflecting on the good memories she has experienced.

Conversation with Mom

Background conversation with my mom to get an idea of her family heritage and my dads. And just where they grew up so we have that on record.

Klein Family History: Bob and Sally Klein Part I

My first recording session with my grandparents, Bob and Sally Klein, discussing their childhoods, their youths, and what their lives were like growing up.

Papa Danny and Nanny

I interviewed my grandparents about my dad, my uncles, and my aunt.

“April 17th is your Gotcha Day”

In this recording I, Laren Barrett, sit down in my kitchen in Egg Harbor Township, NJ on November 26, 2018 with my mom and dad as they talk about the careers they’ve had growing up and what they remember about...