The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In my interview of my Dad, I asked questions including his happiest memories as well as his most difficult memories and asked him about something he is grateful for. With this interview I was able to learn more about my...

Thanksgiving Interview

My mom shares her life from her childhood, and explains why it’s really important to be respectful to others and to appreciate the people around you.


In the video we are talking about my mom childhood and her advice in life.

Interview – My Mother’s Story

Talking about some of her struggles and happinesses in her life.

Interview with Grandma

I learned how my grandmother grew up and some of the most impactful memories she has.

Dreaming of America

He immigrated to America several times before being able to live here permanently. He is now able to tell his story and how it all affected his life tremendously.

Grady Coulter talks

In this interview, conducted in December 2021 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Tamaya Eli (18) interviews her grandpa (73) about accomplishments that made him proud. Mr. Grady also shares the important people in his life and his greatest influence. Mr. Grady also...

Nana Kay

Nana Kay talks about her childhood life on an island and some of the experiences she has experienced throughout her life, like the first time she met me in the hospital.

Interview with Sophie

In this interview, I talked to my little sister about her experiences with the pandemic and gained valuable insight about her outlook on her experiences with living through the pandemic.

Interview with Miriam Corona

We talked about her early life in Cuba and her life now in Miami, FL

Soledad Vargas’s Story

The people in this interview is Sophia Ochoa (the interviewer) who is 15 years old, Soledad Vargas (the person getting interviewed) who is 79 years old, Rene Ochoa (translator) who is 45 years old. Sophia Ochoa is the grandchild of...

Mom in Recovery continued

Mom talks a little about growing up and what is important to her. Talks about the half sister she never knew.

“Live life, enjoy to the fullest. Don’t look back just go forward”

Rachel Hayimov interviews her mother Margarita Kholdarova. She learns about her moms childhood and the changes that came about in her life. It was a chance for Rachel to get to know her mom more and about her past. She...

Grandpa Chet Gives Advice on Spirtuality and Encoragement to Help Others

Listen to grandpa Chet share his experience with spirituality and positivity. He shares his motivation to help people and how he values Christianity. He also expresses how much family means to him and how spending time with them is vital....

Grandma Tartell

interview of Grandma on what she is most proud of, people who impacted her life, and how she wants to be remembered.

Attitude of gratitude Magana

In this interview I asked my grandma questions, in which I learned more about her life. Including what she is grateful for and what she has lived through.

Grandma’s Interview // 11.24.18

Today I got to interview my grandma... It was an amazing process and I am truly blessed to have had the chance to talk to her.

My mother’s journey

We talked about my mother’s biggest character shapers throughout her life. We also talked about her goals for me as an individual.

What is the American Dream

We talked about what the American Dream was back when my dad was a kid and what the American Dream is today.

Marilyn Schnell and Edward Schnell

Marilyn Schnell (76) talks with her son Edward Schnell (42) about her childhood and what is important to her. Marilyn grew up on a farm and taught kindergarten until she retired. She loves her family more than words can describe....