gianna drea

This interview made me realize how grateful you can be to someone. It does not take much to make someone happy.

Me and my cousin

I interviewed with my cousin on thanksgiving because I haven’t seen her in a long time

Niel’s life

Niel told me about the people who influenced his life, how his life was impacted, and some of his life memories.

Interview with Grandma

I learned how my grandmother grew up and some of the most impactful memories she has.

A Reading of Brother David Steindl-Rast’s “Gratefulness”.

This was an internal reflection piece, for audiences to think about the words of Brother David Steindl-Rast on the opportunity of living every moment gratefully.

Nani’s interview

We talked about events that have shaped her life and things she is grateful for.

Jennifer Vasquez and his brother Stanely Vasquez talk about his impacts on life.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Los Angeles, California, Jennifer Vasquez (16) interviews her brother and best friend Stanely Vasquez (10) about his best memories and ideas of life in general. Mr. Vasquez shares memories about his unforgettable...

Interview – My Mother’s Story

Talking about some of her struggles and happinesses in her life.

Marvin Meese: Digging a Little Deeper.

Today I, Baylee Richardson, met with Marvin Meese, my mothers boyfriend, to go find out a little more about his life and what he values.

Attitude Of Gratitude(Mrs. Butler)

I interview my teacher mrs butler. I learned many new things about her that I never knew before . She has a very interesting life and i’m glad i got to interview her.

My Grandmother and a few of her Stories

My grandmother talks about her childhood, her goals, people she loves, and shares a few funny stories!

Charlotte McCue talks about her childhood memories.

My mom, Charlotte McCue sits down with me to talk about her fondest childhood memories.


l asked my mom questions about what she was thankful for. She answered them very family based.

Attitude of Gratitude Goyetche

This is an interview with my brother for a project for language arts.


I was able to learn a lot about Sierra, her upbringing and her passion for children. She also spoke about how grateful she is for her current situation and how she tries to express gratitude each day.

Knowing my friend

An interview with an anthropology classmate. And getting to know her better.

Interview with Miriam Corona

We talked about her early life in Cuba and her life now in Miami, FL

Mom in Recovery continued

Mom talks a little about growing up and what is important to her. Talks about the half sister she never knew.

Interview of an Aviation HS Senior, 2019

Advan Radincic is my student and the Editor of the Aviation Log, our school newspaper. He told me about how his grandfather inspires him and has some advice to offer his own future grandchildren. Advan also shares what he is...

“Live life, enjoy to the fullest. Don’t look back just go forward”

Rachel Hayimov interviews her mother Margarita Kholdarova. She learns about her moms childhood and the changes that came about in her life. It was a chance for Rachel to get to know her mom more and about her past. She...