Jordan Hall interviews his great grandfather Bill Skinner, who is currently on hospice.

Throughout the interview many questions are asked to my grandfather. We discussed what he is most grateful for. We talked about his time in the air force and how it affected his life. He explained to me what he wishes...

Arthur’s Battle

I talked to my grandmother and my grandfather about my great grandfather Arthur and his war time and his experience. #oceansideschool4

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

Josephine Cole (15) interviews her computer scientist father (Billy Cole, 50) on growing up in West Virginia, the events of September 11, 2001, religion and family. While he plays video games in the background, and her sister yells advise.

Johann Bauer, A Father and Opa

Johann Bauer grew up in WWII Hungary and moved to America in 1955 with his young daughter Maria. On October 28, 2020, over a year after his passing, his daughter Maria Monaco (67) sits down with one of his great-grandchildren...

Nadia Sarwari Catching Up With Her Mother About The Family Business They Had

In this interview, conducted in December 7, 2020 in Stafford, Virginia, Nadia Sarwari (16) interviews her mother Shakila Sarwari (56) in farsi/english about the family business they had in the past. Shakila Sarwari shares her stories about the hamam( steam...

Drew interviews Dawn

Discussed cherished family photos and person in history would want to photograph; biggest influence in life, first date, first impressions.

An Interview with Bo, the man who has changed my life

Bo is my great-grandfather, he's been here my whole life. He was diagnosed with cancer and has beat it, and he's my hero in life.

Sarah and Peter discuss local food

Peter and I talked about his relationship with local food and what things we should consider when thinking holistically about it. He also shared personal stories as well as stories from his great-grandfather.

My grandmas inspiration

I asked my grandma a question about who was the biggest inspiration in her life and what lessons she learned.

Some Heroes Wear Capes, Others Wear Fatigues

Most people can't imagine enduring the hardships of war, especially at the age of 18. On November 28, 2017, 14 year-old Olivia Reiner interviewed her great-grandfather, Richard Crum, about his experience in the US Marine Corps during World War II....