Michael House, Simon House, Hannah House interviewing William House

Michael House: 2020-11-27 17:25:52 William House is 80 yrs old recollects Thanksgiving at his uncle's house and his dad working in Climax Colorado as a powder monkey

Katie Kastelic Interviews Paul Bakos, Her Grandfather

Paul Bakos tells his granddaughter about his experiences in jobs he has worked at throughout his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Alex Nguyen

This interview is about mostly the different aspects of the U.S in a foreigner’s eyes. Along other many other subjects about the general well being of a person.

Kennedy Vachon test interview for the great thanksgiving listen, 2021

In this test recording, Kennedy Vachon, a student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, MI, records a practice audio file for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Kennedy Vachon is a student who is majoring in psychology.

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

I talk with my dad about his childhood and how music impacted his life

Thanksgiving Interview

I am Blake Dias and I am interviewing my mom, 37 years old, Venessa Dias.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen By: Arianne Vethan

Arianne Vethan discussed with her mother about her marriage with her husband and learned how their relationship changed over the years.

“She took better care of her grandchildren than her own children”

Veronica Mejia and her father, Oscar Mejia talk about Oscar’s childhood, his experiences in El Salvador compared to in the United States, and more!

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Ram Malladi

A conversation with my dad about his childhood and his future goals, along with uncovering information about me as a child.

getting to know people (church)

Today, I decided to interview one out of three of my sunday school teachers this year and ask her about her spiritual life and the hopes and dreams for our 8th grade class.

sweet memories

my mom and her partner have been together for 4+ years. his family has been incredibly warm to us and welcoming, and i interviewed his parents ( both 77 ) for a school project and as a way to get...