“Work Hard and Follow Your Dreams”

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Marissa Feldman (17) interviews her grandmother Theresa Feldman (81) about what her life was like growing up, what school was like for her and touched a little...

Happy memories

In this interview I learned that my grandpa’s grandma had a huge influence on his life and he is a very successful and happy man. He is 71 with no regrets to me that sounds like a pretty good life!

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Hi, I’m Dalia Siegel, I am 14 years old and I am interviewing my dad. My dad, Jonathan Siegel, is a paramedic. In this interview we spoke about family and work. Happy Thanksgiving!

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017: Mom

This interview was recorded in the front room of our house in Egg Harbor Township, NJ on November 25, 2017. Amy Bruno (44) shares stories of her life to her son, Oliver Bruno (16). Topics discussed included her marriage, school...

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandparents

The life and the time of Melvyn and Sheila Steinberg. In this interview, we talk about love, jobs, and the city of New York that they call home. Included is their happiest childhood memories, as well as many lessons that...

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is an interview with my chemistry teacher from last year who has inspired me tremendously. He talks about his heart-warming life experiences and gives a lot of amazing advice that I will take with me for the future.

The Boat To a New Cluture

On November 24th in Los Angeles California, 14-year-old Jason Marounian interviewed his dad, Arthur Marounian. Arthur Marounian was an immigrant from Lebanon. He came to America because of the civil war in 1983. When Arthur was a kid he played...

Malloree Morrison and her parents talk about family, early life, and love.

In the small town of Freeport, Pennsylvania, Malloree sat down at her kitchen table with her parents, Helen and Will Morrison. The conversation started with Will and Helen talking about their parents and grandparents. Malloree listened as her parents went...

GTL 2018- Kaitlyn Ley

An interview with my grandma about her past life and her journey that made the present the way it is today.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Ram Malladi

A conversation with my dad about his childhood and his future goals, along with uncovering information about me as a child.

Nhi Truong GTL 2018 Rollet

I interviewed Tom Perrault, an amazing person who lives at Sunrise Senior Living Center.