Growing up in South America

I discussed with my dad, Will Mask, about how it was like to grow up in a foreign country in the mid 80s, where a lot of terrorist activity was happening.

Sadie Kyle and Chris Bowser (Granddaughter and Grandfather)

Sadie Kyle: 2020-05-13 21:44:06 Granddaughter (14) talks to Grandfather (69) about his childhood, life, and experiences with Covid-19.

Listening interview

Interview with father for listening and nonverbal communication

Ava Interviews Her Grandmother In Solebury

Ava Marrone interviewing her grandmother Kathy Lopas in Solebury Township, PA on January 8th, 2020. Discussion based on what life was like when Kathy was a teenager and how it compares to today. Kathy gives advice about succeeding in life...

growing up in southern california

Sam and Nancy talk about what it was like growing up in two different time periods both in southern california

My Moms Life Growing Up

Today I interviewed my Mom, Jill Gantenbein about what her life was like growing up. I don’t usually ask my mom questions about what her life was like as a kid so when I asked if I could interview her...

Interview with Mom

I talked with my mom about her life and what her hopes are for my future

Mom’s story

I talked with my mom about her life growing up and how she got where she is today.

Lily Caldwell and her Grandpa Carl Christianson talk about growing up in Medford, MA

My Grandpa and I, Carl Christianson, talk and answer questions about life growing up in Medford, MA, life in the military and more.

Esmeralda Flores and her mom Yolanda Campos talk about Yolanda life

This interview is between Esmeralda Flores and her mother Yolanda Campos. In the interview we talk about how life was for my mother and what was her favorite moments. We also talk about her religious background and how it has...

Origin interview

We talked about mostly about her teenage life and how that shaped her to who she is right now. Also how she wished she took more time on school to be more successful. She also talks about how her prom...

Joshua Klein interviews his father, Travis Klein for the Great Thanksgiving Listen project.

During my interview with my dad, Travis Klein, conducted on December, 10, 2017, he talked about his life growing up and how his life progressed until now. He grew up near Jamestown, New York. He talked about his military experience...

Joe shares his childhood struggle of trying to use scissors as a left-handed individual.

Joe Swanson, also know as "Trophy Joe", is an artist and skateboarder extraordinaire. We discusses childhood memories and what it was like to grow up as an introverted lefty in Richmond.

An Interview With My Stepdad

In this interview, I asked my stepdad some questions about lessons that he's learned growing up and experiences he's encountered as a young adult.

Talking to grandma

I asked my grandmother some questions about her life growing up in a household with six siblings.

Zoom with Dad

Picking my dad’s brain a little just so I can understand him better and see what he thinks of me.

Worlds Greatest Father, Colin Sherrill

From riding his bike as a child through downtown Danville, California to chasing wild boars through the Amazon jungle with his two daughters, 51 year old Colin Sherrill takes us through his childhood as well as the struggles and succeses...

Jeeps & Bottle Rockets

Charlie Ogden interviewing his father, David Ogden, and discussing growing up in Neenah, WI and his childhood experiences with a young hard-working family.