Brooke Johnson and Kurtis Haynes

One Small Step partners Brooke Johnson (31) and Kurtis Haynes (58) have a conversation about rebelling from their Christian homes, the complexities of personal responsibility, and the need for government investment in children's developmental years.

Sandra Levy and Lily Fernandez

Sandra Levy (73) talks to her granddaughter, Lily Fernandez (13), about her rebellious adolescent life growing up in a religious household and her action packed life thereafter.

Listening to my mom’s life

My mom takes about her life with a dysfunctional family, living in the reservations, and having her own family. She shares just life experiences.

Drew interviews Dawn

Discussed cherished family photos and person in history would want to photograph; biggest influence in life, first date, first impressions.

"Fail Forward Fast." Ari Flowers & Mrs. Franklin's "Hair" Story.
December 8, 2022 App Interview

Ari Flowers conducts an interview with her entrepreneur mentor and relative at Saint Francis South Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The pair talk about Mrs. Franklin's past, business, and life lessons while also reflecting on the impact family has on each...