The Greatest Listen

We talked about Laura’s early life, great people in her life, things she cares about, how she would want to be remembered, and she shared some of here remarkable wisdom!!

Listening activity

My mom talked about living your life to the fullest and be happy no matter what . Be grateful for everything you have.

The Life of the Amazing Juan Alvarez

Life in Mexico and Chicago for my godfather, Juan Alvarez, was never easy and he was brought up with a hard work ethic that helped him get to where he is today in life. Family, things that make you happy,...

Getting to know more about my mom

We talked about my moms advice that she would have given herself when she was younger, since she wasn’t able to she’s giving me the advice. We talked about her favorite memories of me and herself. I learned more about...


We talked about her life as a teacher as well as happily married like with her her husband.

GTL With Joyce sours

In this interview I talked with my grandma about her life growing up and memories.We also talked about adventures she had and advice she gives for our generation.Also around 9 minuets there is a pause/stop bcs the skype had turned...


The childhood of my mom as well as the people who influenced my family to be who we are today.

Kathleen Fahy interviewing Mary Fahy about her life as a child and as a parent.

This interview was taken place in our home in Chicago, Illinois on December 6, 2017. I interviewed my mom, Mary Fahy about her life as a child and as a parent. She talked about herself as a child and how...

Father and Daughter, a talk to remember

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Tyler Texas Zulymar Ponce(15) interviews her dad Andres Ponce(44) about a situation that had happened in the past in their family and why he did what he did. He also talked...

Carmel and Jennifer Ball

On November 23, 2017 my relative Carmel and I talked about her life at my cousin’s house. In our interview we talked about her influenial life with her mom. She valued everything that happened in her life. She was a...

My Grandma Life

In this interview my grandmother reflects about the challenges and struggles in her life.

Memories with Mom

We talked about my mom’s childhood and upbringing. We also talked about what she hoped for me and my future and how I have been as a child.

The great listen

This interview is about the memories that my aunt remember from when she was younger .

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his childhood and how he feels

Ted McDonald’s Journey

My dad has learned many lessons in life, sad, happy, traveling. Moving to a different country can be hard but he’s very happy with his journey.