The Hunger Games Survivor w/ Peeta Mellark

Am interview of Peeta Mellark. What he has to say about the rebellion.

Dreams of a bigger picture

She was raised and born in Galveston tx, her grandma was her true influence on her life.

Joel interviewing his father, Mark Moses

My father and I discussed the people and ideas that he has found to be highly influential in his life, as well as his views on the importance of happiness and the best ways to go about living.

The memories and expierences a person holds

We talked about her life and what things she went through from her childhood to her adult years. Including some of the best and some of the worst moments to the ones that make her who she is today.

Final interview — Me and my Grandpa… the cuties with a special guest star

This is an interview about life. I didn’t want to be formal with my grandparents because we have always been goofballs. If I were to be formal, I would ruin the beauty that is our relationship.

Ted McDonald’s Journey

My dad has learned many lessons in life, sad, happy, traveling. Moving to a different country can be hard but he’s very happy with his journey.

Defining Happiness and Family

In this interview we talked about family, marriage, and happiness. We discussed why family is important and what our hopes are for one another.

Sisters By Chance, Best Friends By Choice (Final Draft)

Naomi and I talked about a lot of things in life. We talked about how role models influence us and how as Naomi is the youngest she has standards that she has to live up to. We have been so...

interview w brad part 2

We chilled and had a fun time in college comp

The Most Beautiful Moment(s) in Life: Interview with Kristine Canonizado

(I'd like to also mention, my grandma has not returned even though she promised me that she would, so this is my mom speaking on her behalf as well, please tell me this counts; this is why this conversation is...

Practice interview

We talked about Arizona and other parts of her life

Senior-to-Senior Project. Felipa Caballero.

In this interview I had the pleasure to speak to a really strong woman who sees so much positivity in life even though having faced a lot of struggles.

Attitude of Gratitude Nolan

I interviewed my dad and we talked about what he was greatful for and what shaped him to be the man he is today

In The Mind of My Mom

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Lafayette, New Jersey, Sammi Gasparini (18) interviews her mother Stacey Gasparini (49). Stacey talks about her love for her husband and daughter. She also gives advice and talks about important happy memories...

Mackensey Jack and her Gaga talk about how important family is.

This interview was conducted in Freeport, Pennsylvania and Mackensey interviewed Gaga in her game room. They talked about Gaga’s life and how important family is to her. Family is a huge part of her life. She grew up in a...

My Mother: Thanksgiving Edition

My mom went through a lot of hardships and was raised in a tougher environment, but she overcame it and proved to be strong and successful.

Interview with tia becky

My aunt talks about her young life, her experiences that have shaped her, and much more.

My Father and I,

We talked about mainly my dad. Whether it was his childhood or the lessons that he has learned.

Interview with my sister

I wanted to ask my little sister how she feels about her life. She is always quiet and keeps everything to her self. There is things that bother her and doesn’t tell anyone. I feel like she wants to tell...

Calm Li and Wang Yating

Calm Li interviewed her good friend Wang Yating, talking about a variety of topics such as the happiest memories, the most difficult memories and so on. Wang Yating expressed her appreciation to many people, especially her father, which moved Calm...

Interview with my mom

We talked about life. My life when I was a baby/toddler & my mom’s life when she was younger.