This is about my grandmas life and if she would return back to mexico

Sister’s Interview

My sister talks about her childhood growing up

Interview With D-Daddy

Interview with my grandfather

My moms life growing up
December 7, 2020 App Interview

My mom talking about here family and where there from and some of her favorite memories

El Abuelo Con Cabello Blanco

In this interview conducted, In April 2018 In Santa Ana California, Perla Lozano interviews her grandfather Jose Rocha. My grandpa and I talked about how he felt when I was born since I was his very first granddaughter, how his...

A discussion with my great-grandmother

I asked five questions to my great-grandmother who told me some of her thoughts on moving to the united states from Cuba. She talked about her happy yet poor childhood and why she had to come to the United States...


Even though you can’t hear it in my dads voice, he is a happy guy and has lived a great life so far.

A Mother’s Short Story

Mother's favorite memories and experiences in life. Talks about her happiest moments and regrets.

interview with hailey

hailey and i talked about mostly questions about her life. we talked about questions about us.