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Mom and Daughter

My mom and I had a conversation just the two of us for the first time in a while. This interview turned very emotional very fast and helped build a stronger relationship between us.

Mom Interview

My mom went through a lot as a sister, daughter and mother. She has grown as a person and as a mom. All of the challenges she has faced and other things in her life, she has for seen all...

The thanksgiving listening!
December 6, 2021 App Interview

I talked to my dad about his childhood and interviewed my dads full life

Interview with myself

Telling my best and worst memories and the kindest people in my life

Interview with my Grandma

Mostly talked about my Grandma's childhood and her family.

Talk with my Dad.

I felt like he really opened up to me and I think this is a great way for people to communicate. Especially new people or new couples. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Interview with my mom

we talked about what her goals for her kids where. If she is proud of how her kids turned out.

An Interview With Moo Moo

My mom and I had a great interview and I cried and it was a good talk

How to live a good life, w/ Sam Dollyhigh

This interview is with my father and we talk about a lot of things related to parenting and how to live a good child good to be able to take it all into adulthood.

a lovely interview with my Papa

Today I talked about my Papa’s life in the car. We talked about his life, childhood, kids, memories, and favorite things in his life. I had 14 questions to ask him but he had short answers so I had to...

Blake short and his loving mother Christi short talk about the legacy she wants to leave to her family on Thanksgiving!

In this Interview, made in November 2017 on Thanksgiving in Stillwater, Oklahoma, Blake short, Interviews his mother, Christi short about the legacy she wants to leave her family with and how she wants to be remembered as not only as...


Me and my mom talked about her life and how it was.

Interview of person who inspires me

my mother, 46 years old and we talked about her life and what has happened and what is going to happen going forward.

Questions with dad

I asked my dad various questions on childhood and raising a family, and how he would change it if he could.

Interview of my father

My father was a sensitive child who happened to be a brainy kid and loved school. He grew up to have a family with 6 boys and wants me to have a family.

Interview with my Cousin

I just asked my cousin about his life and some questions

Interview on amber

We talked about was questions about her life


I’m speaking with my boyfriend about his reflection on his life so far.

Grandma’s Childhood
February 28, 2018 App Interview

During this interview with my Grandmother we discussed the hardships and the positives of living life in England post-war. We touched upon her life as a child and the opportunities she got to encounter throughout her life. My grandmother explained...