Ava Interviews Her Grandmother In Solebury

Ava Marrone interviewing her grandmother Kathy Lopas in Solebury Township, PA on January 8th, 2020. Discussion based on what life was like when Kathy was a teenager and how it compares to today. Kathy gives advice about succeeding in life...

Travis kinney, The transition

this is the summary of my interview with my dad, Travis Kinney and his transition into society after spending 7 years in prison.

Recording – 08-24-2023 19:10:29

In this interview I talk to my mom, who was a nurse, and talk about her experience working as a nurse. In the interview you can get to know what it was like to be a nurse and here all...


My dad gives incredible stories about his childhood and what he feels is most important to him. An all around great interview

Geoffrey- 2017 Great Thanksgiving Listen @StoryCorps #TheGreatListen

Geoffrey Melchor is one of the few most successful engineers in the island of Saipan. In this interview, my father Geoffrey explains how his childhood in Philippines was riddled with hardship. He worked hard without much adult guidance and faced...

compassion blog 5

I spoke with my mother on her experience growing up in an immigrant household and how it has affected and inspired her.

Runelle Sandiford and Melanie Cole

Melanie Cole (33) interviews her grandmother Runelle Sandiford (82) about her long life, her courtship with her husband, Leo Sandiford, and why Melanie and Runelle have such a strong relationship today.

Growing Up In Oklahoma

Growing up poor in Oklahoma influenced my grandfather to develop a love of travel and a drive to work hard. It also taught him the importance of believing in luck and family.

Interview with my Girlfriend

We talked about different topics on life. I asked her personal questions about her school life and work life and even her family.

A Person Who Has Impacted My Educational Career

The people in your life will teach you lessons that will make you have no regrets because it’s a learning experience.


This is an interview that I, Preston Mace, Age 18, held with my father, Dr. James Mace Age 52. He is a very successful Dentist in Washington, Missouri who has won several awards as well as being in big dental...

Project interview

I interviewed my mom here. Her name is Monica and she is 40 years of age. We discussed how she got here and the hardships she had and is still facing.

Soledad Vargas’s Story

The people in this interview is Sophia Ochoa (the interviewer) who is 15 years old, Soledad Vargas (the person getting interviewed) who is 79 years old, Rene Ochoa (translator) who is 45 years old. Sophia Ochoa is the grandchild of...

Hard Work Is What Matters

My uncle has had many life experiences that have taught him how to be a hard worker and the person he is today.

Larry Kundert and Pamela Kundert

Larry Kundert (72) reminiscences with his wife Pamela Kundert (69) about softball and the effort it took to finally pitch some games. He also talked about volleyball and volunteer work.

From nothing to something

"I didn't have a skill so I figured if I went to the military they would teach me a skill which they did." On November 21,2019,in Cerritos,California, 15 year old Isaiah Brewington sat down with his 78 year old grandfather...

A talk with my Grandpa

In this interview, recorded November 23, 2016 in Urbana, Illinois, I, Jack Larson age 16, talk to my Grandpa, Carl S Larson age 84, about his life and experiences. Born in 1934, he attended University of Illinois and became a...