About Zachary Miller

its an interview of zach whos 16 and my friend, we talk about his life.


this interview was conducted by Sean Nelson on father Peter Nelson(44). this interview was about the attack of September 11th 2001. Specifically the interviewees recantation of the events.

My interview with Ryan about life

Today’s interview was with Ryan Rider he is 36 years old. He is my husband of 11 years! Our topics were over basic life questions and how certain complications make him feel.

me and my aunty

hello in this interview I am talking to my aunty (nemi Bonnie).we talked about her past on how she lived and what she currently working on.

life of a gymrat

it’s an interview about questions we got from the app StoryCorps

my hero<3

this is an interview about my mother who speaks about her past & who she wanted to be after high school. **spanish interview

Making an Impact

A boy talks to his Uncle about changing the world.

Military Travels

My step father’s name is Kennith Setty and is currently 40 years old. He first joined the military when he was 19 when he realized college wasn’t the right fit for him. He currently lives in Fresno working as a...

mom’s military experience

college assignment to share stories this one is about my mom and her time serving In the military

Stratton Pharmacy: Michael Aito – Jack Silberstein

Michael Aito, the owner of Stratton Pharmacy in Scarsdale, New York, has been the strength and stay of the surrounding community for nearly 30 years. As a pharmacist and first-responder, the unprecedented Covid times forced Aito to adapt his business...

We Couldn’t Get Jason Momoa
December 5, 2022 App Interview

Listen if you’re interested in getting to know the true role model of Southern Union, Jayson Renobato!

Rebecca Ballinger

interview with Rebecca Ballinger (52) and Cole Ballinger (15)_mother and son. a brief discussion of what was spoken was who the hero was and what was a hero to themselves. We also talked about what inspired them and why they...

ap world history bonus interview

This was me interviewing my father on his life and his heritage. His name is Vijay

Fran’s interview
September 17, 2023 App Interview

An 11 year old interviewing a very interesting story.

Interview with Uncle Ted (Mr. Edward Holland) about my father, Pearlis Leon “Wash” Washington
December 24, 2022 App Interview

Maythinee Washington interviews her "Uncle Ted" (Edward Wilcox Holland, Jr., Esq), the best friend of her father, Pearlis "Wash" Washington (CMSGT, Air Force) about their friendship: how they met, and their adventures together from Thailand to Hawaii.

Deeper dive into Jim Walsh’s childhood

I am one of Jim Walsh’s 13 grand children, and he is 74 years old. He used to be a kid who like to have fun, thus he has interesting, and amusing anecdotes from his youth.

THE BOSS 2.0 (Keiah Williams)

Interviewer( Sa’Nia Nunley) 18, we Keiah Williams is my manager at A&M Healthcare Clinic Interviewee(Keiah Williams) 29. In this internet we discussed Ms. Keiah’s journey and how the path she is on has benefited her and effected her life. She...


an interview with my sister. talking about life and childhood. despite being across the country..

Master Opal’s Story
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Justin Clark’s instructor, Master Opal Harbert, shares her story. She explains how she got up to this point, how she progressed, and her tactics on teaching kids in need.