Bill Wildey and Elizabeth Swallow

My journalism class encouraged me to do an interview.

Blast to the Past

We talked about what high school was like in the 90’s, and how it differed from high school today.

SCHS Class of 2018- Isaac, Ryan, Matthew, and Sung

A long-form discussion about the state of the world and teenage life in 2017. Topics included the advance of technology, the Presidency, social media, and many others relating to youth culture.

Megan and Dad ;))))):$$$$$

Megan Soto (@megan_soto on instagram, @megsofine on TikTok) interviews her father, David Soto, who dives deep down into his past and childhood. *emotional *not clickbait

Fresh Perspective

Grace Rodriguez, a Freshman at West Linn High School, provides insight into being a new student in high school, and how it differs from middle school.

Interview with my older brother Fulton

It was really enjoyable to learn a bit more about my older brother. Fulton is currently 21 years old and has honestly been one of my top role models.

Is there more? – Ariel Gonzalez

Ariel Gonzalez (18) interviews Carlos Diazdeleon (18) about his life endeavors and what life has taught him thus far.

Motivation and Self Esteem in High School

I interviewed my sister on her experiences in an early college program and the effects of academic competition on her personality.

interview with mom (florence catania)

My mom and I talked mostly about her childhood and what her life was like since she lived in France and England. I also learned a lot about my grandparents and what their life was like.


This is test interview to start of my experience on Story Corps

Doctor Zeulie’s life growing up

Doctor Zeulie was asked about how her life was when she was growing up and how her days were in high school

Jake Flood interviews his father, Kevin Flood, about his childhood and the most important things in his life

Kevin Flood is interviewed about his childhood and what he values in life. He talked about who inspired him and what shaped him to become who he is today.

Struggles in high school

Struggleling in high school by getting too much homework

Mila rico

Future for mila and I, fears, regrets, goals, trails and tribulations of being a teenage girl, and a glimpse into her family history

Interviewing Peer Storycorps Assignment
November 11, 2021 App Interview

Vincent is interviewed about his experiences with marching band and early high school

Life with Mr. Stone

Mr. Stone and I talked about his life, how it was different than what he had imagined it to end up being and some of his regrets. We also talked some about our memories from my freshman year of high...

Orgin Interview

We talked about my aunt’s high school memories.