Mom Remembers

Judy Sonny remembers personal early family history with her son, Mark.

Interview with David Han (in Korean)

David Han explains that in life, you should choose a major that YOU want, and not others. He agrees that choosing a major was a hard part of his life. He also states that having a good mentor is essential,...

A Look into Grad School And STEM Fields

I interviewed my sister about her life and career goals and her experiences in the college, grad school, and STEM communities. As a high school senior, I found it interesting to hear about the life outside of traditional college. I...

YCE Michael Green
September 15, 2019 App Interview

I talked with Michael about his experience so far in the YCE Kennesaw program. I asked about how he’s handling it, favorite moments, and anything else pertaining to the experience.

Her high school experience and hardships.

She talked about her hardships and her experience through high school and the way she felt of being pressured by her family.

Frankie and I

Myself interviewing my younger sister Frankie. We discuss some bonding questions and learn new things about each others outlook on life.

interview p2

She lived in many places during her childhood. She also celebrated her wedding at the South Coast Fellowship (we actually used to go to this church but now we go to a different one and she also used to work...

Impact Lab Interview
December 7, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview from the CATDC Impact Series workshop with Karla about her life and youth

Dilly Dilly Tokyo Drift 2019

MJ, Noah, and Alynn discuss the wild adventures they had in highschool and what they will remember.

Senior Year

High school and how we have thought about it.

Daily life in the 1950s

In this interview on December 1, 2018 in Plano Texas Kylie Lodes interviews her grandma Patricia Fuller about her life growing up. She talks about where she was born and what her school life was like as a child and...


Talked bout Conley life and what he does during school and plans after school

Vietnam War

The impacts of Vietnam War on personal, domestic, and international views to America.

Racial discrimination against Spanish speakers in schools.

We talked about how Brenda Ledezma suffered discrimination in a school setting. She talked about her experiences.

UHP SA 2 with Doug Demlow!

This is an interview talking with my grandpa, Doug Demlow, about his life and about genealogy!!

Tailene Morales and Grandmother Mella talk about her childhood in Panama.

In this interview taken on November 30th, 2018 in Wylie, Texas, Tailene Morales (15) speaks with her maternal grandmother, Aromelia Vargas (64) about her adolescence in Panama. Mrs. Vargas shares about her high school experience. She also speaks about the...