Storytelling Assignment
October 24, 2021 App Interview

Talking to family and asking questions

A perspective of a country I had only ever heard about

In this interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on May 18, 2019, Vithika Goyal interviews her mother, Komal, about her childhood, education, and personal history growing up in India. This interview seeks to answer the question “how are the histories we...

Interview with my mom

This interview is me asking my mom questions about the family, her childhood, and my childhood

My Grandpa’s Vietnam Museum

My grandfather, Allan, shows me some of the items he brought back from Vietnam. From various pins and trinkets, all the way to an enemy soldiers gun! He talks about the history of these items along with a few stories.

APB Brayan Alonso and Salustiana Alonso

Talked about my mom’s history and about one of my uncles who had passed away.

Isaac Parsons and Jessie Chavez

We talked about the history of my mother's side of the family from the oldest and wisest living member of the family.


It’s all about USA history that made a significant impact to the world as it is now

Oral History Project

After the interview with my older brother I learned new things that i did not know about him.

Back in time

I am happy learning more about my guga (grandpa). I loved this project.

Panic In Western Europe.n

During this interview, we talked about how the Era of Anxiety influenced my grandma's family. Also her outlook on how it affected her and her life.

History of my dad

Interview with my dad including his childhood, history he remembers, and important things in life. In the picture is me, my grandma Martha mentioned in the interview, and my dad.

Mother-Daughter Love

This interview is between my mom and I and we talk about her past and her hopes for my future.

Revealing Truths, One Story at a Time

This interview took place in Thornton, CO on May 19th, 2019. In this interview I ask my 70 year old grandpa questions about his life in Denver, Colorado, where he grew up. We go in depth about his experience in...

History interview

I talked to my Uncle about his thoughts and opinions on America. I thought it was very interesting to learn about this.

Family History Project

This is a short interview about Italia Biondo’s family and life.

Jasmine Ramsey and Sybil Ramsey

My great-grandmother and I reviewed our family history.