The Evolution of Media From A Stem’s Point of View by Kale’a Perry

Hello! My name is Kale’a Perry (18). In this episode of “Kale’a’s Dozen”, we speak to Ms. Diane Perry (my mother), a Penn State graduate who majored in industrial engineering, gives her perspective on media and cultural development over the...

A talk with grandpa

a interview with my grandpa , December 17, 2019

History Class

We talked about early experiences of Malele and the most influential person in her life.

Interview with my Grandpappy ❤️
November 23, 2017 App Interview

I love him with my heart and it was an honor to do this.

The greatest role model

In this interview we explore my families history with my mother who grew up in Santa Ana in the seventies. She shares details into our family’s past some of the jobs that they did and how she a mexican woman...

Interviews With Grandparents

On Thanksgiving, my family comes together and we eat lunch together and have the leftovers for dinner. Between these two times, I interviewed my biological Grandma and my Great-Grandpa who was married into the family.

History interview

I intreview my bother in law and i had asked him many questions about his grandparents and his wife his childhood what kind of things he would do breifley it was a very breifley intrewiew about him and his life...

LHP: The 1960s

Talked about the most influential decade in my Grandfather’s life, the 1960s, and how it impacted him and his values.

Oral History Project

After the interview with my older brother I learned new things that i did not know about him.

Mother-Daughter Love

This interview is between my mom and I and we talk about her past and her hopes for my future.

Panic In Western Europe.n

During this interview, we talked about how the Era of Anxiety influenced my grandma's family. Also her outlook on how it affected her and her life.

Revealing Truths, One Story at a Time

This interview took place in Thornton, CO on May 19th, 2019. In this interview I ask my 70 year old grandpa questions about his life in Denver, Colorado, where he grew up. We go in depth about his experience in...

Family History Project

This is a short interview about Italia Biondo’s family and life.

History of my dad

Interview with my dad including his childhood, history he remembers, and important things in life. In the picture is me, my grandma Martha mentioned in the interview, and my dad.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about hobbies, interesting stories, and childhood memories. It was fun :)