Interview with Grandma

Audrey Wells from a very small town discusses her grandmother’s childhood with her.

Thanksgiving Interview

I did a interview with my grandma, Jackie.

Family history

It’s was fun learning about my Grandpa’s life! This interview took place on the Nov 24, 2017. It took place over the phone in Davidsonvillie.

Story of Ruth
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview of the wonderful kind and strong woman Ruth Perez. This describes her immigration to America and raising her family im a foreign land.

Ms Betty Carner

Ms Betty Carner moved to the Chicora/Cherokee community when North Charleston was first incorporated as a town in 1972. Her father-in-law Mr. Carner was a well known farmer who has a street named nearby after him. Ms Betty was a...

Behind the Lines: Seeking Out the World’s Greatest War Letters

Military historian and bestselling author ANDREW CARROLL speaks with theatre director and Chapman University professor JOHN BENITZ about Andrew’s efforts to find and preserve the greatest war-related correspondences ever written and how they’ve been featured in books, films, and the...

Honors Project by Lauren Buffington

I’m interviewing my grandmother about her childhood.

Interview with Andrew Hall

This is an interview with Andrew Hall. He is 26. Resides in Chico, Ca.

Life’s choices

This interview guess helps us understand what happens in life and what it’s like go through these experiences


The different careers that my mom and family have had, and also where my family comes from.

History Oral Project
November 26, 2018 App Interview

I talked with my Grandma about her past, and present. We talked about historical events that happened in her life, some where she was involved and some that she heard of.

Julie & Jarod Contreras

In conversation with my (Jarod) mom (Julie) on her love of photography, how photography shapes her life, her connection to her parents and in-laws and the history they experienced, and on our responsibility as storytellers.

Cami (Jenni Alpert) and Don, a biological duo experiencing the exhibit today ….

Sharing our experience on our family fun field trip to Annenberg Photography Musem today with some backstory of our biological reunion after having been separated for over 30 years.

Charlee Strangia

Ruth meyerowitz speaks about her experience teaching in the UB women’s studies program

Mia-Jolie Valle and her father, Max Valle, talk about their family’s story through his eyes.

In this interview, conducted in September 2018 in New York, Mia-Jolie Valle interviews her father, Max Valle, about his experiences from his life, and how they have shaped him and his life decisions. Mr. Valle shares stories and accounts of...

Interview with my dad

I asked my dad questions about his life and choices he’s made, and especially if their are any regrets he had.