Illuminada Evangelista interview

Stephen Evangelista interviews his grandmother, Illuminada Evangelista about her life. This is for an interpersonal communication project.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Oral History Project

On November 26, 2017 I, Ashlynn Bara, interviewed my dad, Staśi Bara in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. He talked about his childhood and how he became the dad he is today.

Sanay Ma: Judith Van Wakeman
September 9, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview with my advocate/grandmother on career, success, experiences, expectations, roles, etc.


I interview my teammate, classmate and friend Aziz to ask him about his past and future.

Thanksgiving interview

We talked of my fathers past and how he came into this country. We also talked about fatherhood and me as a child. I asked him a total of 14 questions


Interview with Jenny Stockhausen for Mangini World History 10.

Grandma Interview

How my grandmas life was when she was younger and now.

Andy Davis

Ancestors history, his religion, his parents.

US history adult interview

I ask my dad some questions about how he feels about history.

World History oral history project

Steve’s time in the service, his childhood, and his professional career

Ray Blount and Sandy Francis

Friends Ray Blount (70) and Sandy Francis (70) remember the trip they took to Ghana with youths from Boston in 2000. They discuss the historical importance of Ghana and talk about Ghanaian culture and natural landmarks.

Interview with Jennifer Lovel Moore

We talked about her life and any historical events that happened during that time.


My mom tells me about her history in cuba

Joseph West and Charles Lane

Friends Joseph "Raleigh" West (39) and Charles Lane (67) discuss their work as conservationists, their journey to the field, the topographical and social factors that shaped the Revolutionary War, and what this history means for us in the present moment.

Grandfather interviewed about Vietnam era issues

This is a conversation with my Grandfather Fred Stidman about his experiences during the Vietnam war era when he was a college and then medical student (Johnson County Junior College, University of Kansas, and KU Med). During that tumultuous time,...

Mount Foster

G David Foster tells William Foster, his grandson, about his experience of researching and climbing Mount Foster in Alaska.

Shelly Interview- TEFB 410

I spoke with Shelly Dickson, my mother, about 9/11 and the events that followed that tragic day.

Mattea Bertain Interviews Her Grandfather Tom Bertain About His Life
November 30, 2015 App Interview

Tom Bertain discusses his life in this interview conducted in November of 2015 at his residence in Rio Dell, California. He talks about his time in the service as he traveled all through Europe. He describes working for the prison...

Kevin West and Adele Yellin

Kevin West (49) interviews his former manager and former owner of the Grand Central Market, Adele Yellin (72), about how the Grand Central Market came about and how she, Kevin and others revitalized the space after her husband's passing.