Melody Chapin and Pauline Katz

Pauline Katz (25) interviews Melody Chapin (25) about growing up poor, moving to a new community, recognizing racial and experiencing social interactions and demographic change as a result of neighborhood gentrification, and grappling with the fear of a loss of...

Chicago in Film: A History

Film Critic talks the History of Film in Chicago and Chicago in Film

The Interview

Touched upon history relating to the United States and his personal life experiences.

James Hunley on The West

In this podcast, I will discuss with a close family friend his perspective on the West. We will also take a deeper look on his childhood and the effects the West had on his life.

my dad interview
December 1, 2020 App Interview

We talked about his life growing up and moments of his life

Interview with Grandma

Audrey Wells from a very small town discusses her grandmother's childhood with her.

History StoryCorps Project

Asking my grandma some questions about her life.

Joy Dickinson and Rick Kilby

Rick Kilby (55) and his coworker and friend Joy Dickinson (74) share thoughts on history and fact-checking, early career highlights, and their early and current connection with museums.

Interview with Austin 11/1

Practice interview with Austin about his childhood

Interview with my grammy

My grammy described her early life and how what effected her impacted her today

Interview with Andrew Hall

This is an interview with Andrew Hall. He is 26. Resides in Chico, Ca.

Heather Hummel and Sanderia Faye

Heather "HK" Hummel (44) shares a conversation with her friend and colleague, Sanderia Faye [no age given], about the research and creative process that goes into their writing.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Thanksgiving traditions, history class/historical relationship between an aunt and a nephew

Mother-daughter Thanksgiving Interview
November 28, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 27, 2017 in Birmingham, AL, Caroline Brown talks with her mother, Kelley Brown. Mrs. Brown shares stories of growing up in New Jersey. She recalls a funny story of how she married to a...

Sherrie Floyd and Jonnie Clasen

Sherrie Floyd (67) interviews her friend Jonnie Clasen (75) about her life, her father's military career, and her 2021 induction to the Army Ranger Hall of Fame.

Jacques Istel and Felicia Istel

Jacques Andre Istel [no age given] tells his wife Felicia Istel's [no age given] about his French education and upbringing, his journey to America and all the unexpected turns of events that occurred once he arrived.