Maci Vincent and Michael Welch

In this interview, we discussed Michael’s first person account on riding out Hurricane Laura and everything that came with that task.

Hurricane Fran

A neighbor talks about her experience during hurricane Fran.

Auntie Aggie: Tales of Love and Wisdom
July 22, 2020 App Interview

I had a conversation with my 88 year old aunt about life and love.

Monica and Meg Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Meg talks with her sister, Monica, about the climate emergencies in Georgia, how privilege impacts preparedness, and what she wants her children to know.

Hurricane Iris

My grandma and more family was eight in the path of a massive hurricane. And suddenly it turned just in time.

Leona Mayberry and Karina Mendez-Rostro

Friends Leona Mayberry (77) and Karina Mendez-Rostro (24) share a conversation about how they met, the life milestones they have been through, and what their friendship means to each of them.

Extreme Weather
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Chayse Levy interviewed her grandma Eileen glass ,who lives in Florida about how hurricanes impact her life , and how she prepares for them.

Yancy Welch, “I Remember…”: Louisiana Reflections and Stories of the Past
November 30, 2021 App Interview

A crabber, alligator hunter, and family man of southwest Louisiana, Yancy Welch, born in 1965 in Lake Charles, describes his conflicts with gators and hurricanes as he shows great respect for distinctive ecosystem that surrounds him. *Disclaimer: This interview was...


The experience about the hurricane

Dia and Brett discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed preparing for hurricanes, power outages, and coordinating with friends and family during an emergency.

Hurricanes with Krissy Ricard

In this interview I will be talking about hurricane with Krissy Ricard

“How far you go [in your science career] depends on how big your curiosity is." A conversation with David Moore.

David Moore is a first-year graduate student at UCLA. He is studying tropical cyclones, also known as typhoons or hurricanes, on Earth. In his graduate research work, David is researching how to bridge the gap between planetary atmospheres and meteorology...

Surviving a natural disaster.

In this interview Audrey and I talk about surviving natural disasters and how they affected our lives

Malik’s interview

Global warming and hurricanes and how they effected toms jobs