New immigrants

Paulina interviews Karla about her immigrant experience

Uncle; jobs, goals, wishes, struggles, regrets

I learned what my uncle was aiming for when he came to America from Vietnam. He also gave me a small lesson on focusing more on school than making money for now.

Frank Xu and Hannah Xu

Conducted on April 21st in Santa Monica, California, Frank Xu (51) discusses with Hannah Xu (16) about his immigrant experience in America. He reflects on his experiences and the expectations he held when he first came in 1999.

Step Father Interview

A short interview conducted with a hard working man who has raised me since I was 5 and has become a father to me

Living History of Mr. Patni

A story about an immigrant from Pakistan.

Immigration Stories Italy: Damman

Damman is the youngest of the asylum seekers I interviewed at Villa Barbiero Centro Accoglienza Immigrati. While it is always a struggle to cross Northern Africa to get to Libya, Damman had a few strokes of luck along the way....

Ife Means Love

My mom, Mary, shares her story of coming to America and raising 5 children while still preserving her culture. She highlights her life becoming an immigrant to America for the purpose of better opportunity for her family. The interview includes...

From Army to American Dream

This is a discussion between my Israeli father, Ofer, and I. We talk about his experiences growing up in Israel and how he managed to make a life for himself here in America.

The life of my grandma when Shell inmigrantes

My grandma is falling about her life and how Shell got to the place Shell is now.

Interviewing my mom

We talked about my mom's origin. Also, we talked about her backstory of when she came to America.

Life as Andree

Immigrant childhood. Death of children. Women and education

Paige Douthwright Immigrant Interview Project

I interviewed Mayra Hernandez about her experience as an immigrant. She immigrated from the Dominican Republic to America in 2012.

Sameer speaks with his mother.

Sameer and his mother Mahmoodah have a conversation about Mahmoodah's journey from Pakistan to American and becoming a doctor and raising a family along the way.

Moving to America

A daughter asking her mother questions about her move to America and questions along the line.

Noah and diana

We talked about her childhood and what it was like to be an imag rant in those times

Life of an Immigrant

An interview with my father who is Haitian. He gives his views and philosophies on America

Connecting the Dots of Indian Culture and Societal Change

Riya Patel (19) speaks with her mother, Kavita Patel (45), about her life and the challenges she has faced as a woman stuck between maintaining her cultural roots and adapting to changing societal views on gender roles.

"This too shall pass" Marie and Hannah Presnal talk about living in a third world country then moving to the US.

Marie Presnal came to the US in 2000 from the Philippines. She married Hannah’s father in 2001 after 9/11.