Martha Guillen talks to me about her childhood and the life lessons she’s learned along the way.

I spoke to my grandma about her life and about her growing up. She told me something that totally changes my way of seeing things. She told me that she dropped out of school when she was only 13 years...

Emmy Tzuang Immigration

I interviewed my Grandma about her experience of immigration. She migrated from China to Taiwan when she was four. When she graduated from college at age 24 she migrated again to Canada and stayed there for 2 years. She then...

Living By a River

This interview was conducted with my mother. It was based mostly on the differences between Korean and American culture.

Laura y su camino a EU desde Veracruz, Mexico.

En esta entrevista, mi tia y yo hablamos sobre su experiencia en como inmigro a los EU y las dificultades que tuvo que superar en Nueva York.

Peter Kaplanis and Cami Kaplanis

Peter Kaplanis (74) walks his daughter Cami Kaplanis (50) through his father's emigration to the U.S. from Greece, his upbringing in San Francisco and his military service.

Betty Spurlock-Family History

Betty talks about how the Traber family arrives in the US and her memories of her grandparents and parents

John’s Journey

In this interview, I talk with my dad, John Biasetti, about his childhood and how his father immigrated to New York City in the early 1900s. We also talk about his time in Vietnam and what he would say today...

Jesse Barnes and Yong Ho Lee

Interview describing what it was like to immigrate to the United States from South Korea in 1974, eventually becoming one of the first Asian police office in a three county area (centered around Brazos County) in Texas in 1988.

Interview with Lamenais Louis

I, Hannah Cunningham, interviewed my branch president Lamenais Louis about his emigration from Haiti to the United States. In the interview, we talked about how he met his wife, Suzette, how he found the gospel, and the Haitian traditions he...

Latinos Progresando

Discussion of legal and personal challenges as well as common misconceptions relating to immigration


We talked about my dad’s immigration story. Also what he’s learned from it.

Immigration in the Late 20th Century (Part 2)

Cristina Rodriguez talks about her experience in the United States and how she feels while also adapted to the United States.

Santa Paula Prieto, Maria Prieto, and Alex Gable

Santa Paula Prieto (76) habla con su hija Maria "Gene" Prieto (50) y su nieto Alex Gable (23) sobre su vida en Mexico y los Estados Unidos. Ella habla de su orgullo de sus hijos y sus nietos y como...