Michael Higginbotham with Moisey Dunayevich

Story of a Ukrainian Math teacher’s immigration to the United State with him family.

History Podcast

Samantha chats with Aileen Murphy who is an Irish immigrant, Aileen gives facts and information about her life growing up and coming to America

Michelle’s story

Hear Mrs. Corsei’s story about her trip from Romania to the United States

vietnamese mother

my mother's life and harships as an immigrant.

English Extra Credit Opportunity

This interview was conducted on December 1, 2019. I talked to my uncle Marjo Mercado about his experience immigrating from the Philippines to the U.S. We also went in to discussion about his experiences in both the Philippines and in...

Mark Smith’s Challenging Childhood and Profound Career

In this interview Brodie Young-Smith interviews his father, Mark Smith. On November 27, 2018 14 year old Brodie interviews his father and asks him about many significant things in his life including his childhood and his professional career. In the...

Coming to Connecticut: Patrycja and Miriam

Recorded on 11/20/18 at the New Haven Free Public Library as part of the Bread Breakers project.

A Bathroom Break from Vietnam to the United States – An Immigrant Story

Chad Goodman was a seven-year-old boy in Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon. His mother realized that the only way that her children could have a better life was if she could give them up to adoption, which also meant...

Jesse Barnes and Yong Ho Lee

Interview describing what it was like to immigrate to the United States from South Korea in 1974, eventually becoming one of the first Asian police office in a three county area (centered around Brazos County) in Texas in 1988.

Chieu Hoang

I sat down with my mom and talked about her life before and after she immigrated to America from Vietnam

Nithik Chintalacheruvu Interviews his Father about his Life

In this interview,conducted in Morganville, Nithik Chintalacheruvu talks to his Father about various things including his childhood and his journey to America. He learns a lot about his father.

Emmy Tzuang Immigration

I interviewed my Grandma about her experience of immigration. She migrated from China to Taiwan when she was four. When she graduated from college at age 24 she migrated again to Canada and stayed there for 2 years. She then...

Story Corps Assignment
February 25, 2019 App Interview

About my mother’s immigration story. It was interesting to learn about.

Skanda Sai interviews his Dad, Arun Krishnamoorthy.

In this interview, Skanda Sai(14) interviews his dad Arun Krishnamoorthy(46) about his life in India. He talks about the impactful people in his life, what he used to do, and his immigration to the United States.

Andris Bibelnieks talk about his childhood growing up in Latvia.

In this interview, conducted in 2017 in Greenville, SC, Mitchell Esbenshade interviews Andris Bibelneiks about his experiences growing up. Mr. Bibelneiks shares what it was like being forced to move out of Latvia, and to Germany. He also talks about...

Journey from Vietnam to America

My mom, Kim Henderson, escaped Vietnam at the young age of 21. She went through dangerous situations in order to become the successful women I know and love.

John’s Journey

In this interview, I talk with my dad, John Biasetti, about his childhood and how his father immigrated to New York City in the early 1900s. We also talk about his time in Vietnam and what he would say today...