My story

An interview with me ans my uncle

Transitioning To Another World

In this interview, Felipe, an 18 year old male, originally from Brazil, will be asked questions about how his transition to the United States was and how he feels about the U.S.

Oma Interview
November 5, 2021 App Interview

I (Ella) interview my grandma about her childhood, memories of World War II, my mother and uncle, and a little about me.

Roshni/Jason’s Living History Project

I interviewed my mother about her immigration story but was not limited to her immigration story. Questions would include her life in India both before and after immigration. Her family life, her perspective, and personal story. My ultimate goal was...

Sara Rojas interviews mother (SLP)

I asked her questions about her story coming to the US and some memories she has.

The Holocaust and its Legacy

In this interview, I interviewed my mom about her experiences and history growing up in a family of immigrants fleeing the Holocaust.

Scotand to America-Grandma(Thelma)

Thelma Hajes talks about her journey from Scotland to America.

Mutale Bingley and Margaret Chisanga

Mutale Bingley (40) speaks with her mother, Margaret Chisanga (72), about their lives. Mutale had a dream of being an American at age 12 in Zambia. Today she and her mom are both American citizens.

Maria Gomes-Solecki

We talk about my mom's experience coming to the United States for work.

Chase Wakelin and Bill Mayall Part I: Growing Up on Long Island as an Immigrant

Chase Wakelin interviews a family friend, Bill Mayall. Bill discusses what it was like growing up in Long Island as a prequel to his military service.

Patty – Mexican Immigrant

I had a brief conversation with my coworker about her experience as a Latina immigrant.

Immigration Story

My grandma, Elena Valera, age 73, talks about her experiences in America as she immigrated for the Philippines to the United States. Emily Sanariz, her granddaughter, age 16, is interviewing her.

LHP Immigration

My fathers story of immigrating from Greece to the Us

Immigration and Covid-19’s Impact

STAFF ATTORNEY at Capital Area Immigrants Rights Coalition, Caroline Raschbaum, discusses US immigration and the affect that COVID-19 is having on the children she works with.

New Beginning

learning the struggles of moving to the u.s from an immigrant

Jenny Rask Interview with Father Gene Barth Rask. Number 1

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-23 19:07:45 Jenny Rask interviews her father Gene Rask in their first chat. How and when his grandparents arrived in the US and a look into where they came from in Lebanon around 1898.

Immigration with America Castillo

We talked about the story of immigration. We talked about one’s story and how she got where she is today.

The Journey Across

“Family is the most important piece of my DNA so to have to pretend that I wasn’t a part of the only family I had ever known felt wrong but I knew that I had to do it if I...