Interview with Clara Reynolds

The following is a short interview with Clara Reynold an attorney for Umass Lowell, and an immigrant from the United States territory, Puerto Rico.

immigration experience

Today Karla Miranda talked about how she came into the US and how her experience was. She will talk about the process if it was easy or hard. As well as who she left behind, and how she feels about...

Interview With An Immigrant

This is an interview with Jeany that immigrated to the United States to get better opportunities in life.

Interview with Angel Casarrubias

Interview with Angel Casarrubias about his immigration to the U.S.

Grandpa Immigration Interview

I interviewed my Russian Grandpa who immigrated from China. He came to America to be with his family and start and life here of him own.

The unknown

A conversation in spanish between a mother and a daughter about her mother's life in the United States.

Immigration story

I interviewed Kevin Walsh who is originally from Ireland. His story is unique because when he immigrated it wasn't his first time in the US. A couple reasons why he immigrated was because of opportunity, the community in Green Lake,...

James Interviews His Teacher

James interviews Ms. Jasani about her relationship with her parents and growing up as sn Indian-American immigrant.


It’s a about my step-dad immigranting to the US

Tyler And Holly

The immigration process of moving to the United States

Unknown American Interview- Evelyn Alfaro

I interviewed my mom of the hardships she’s faced as an immigrant and what lead her to immigrate.

Power of Freedom

Immigration can be a completely life changing experience as it was for my dad

My interview
December 15, 2019 App Interview

We talk about what it means to be an American and what was the situation

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am speaking with my poppa about his immigration to the US from Ireland in the 1960s

Jessica and Phuong talk about Life in America

In this interview, conducted on November 26,2017 in Austin, Texas, Jessica N. (17) interviews her family friend Phuong D. (67) about life back in Vietnam as well as Phuong's journey to America. Phuong shares her struggles about the trip to...

Pouran Khavar and Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz

Aggie Ebrahimi Bazaz (39) talks with her mother, Pouran Khavar (67), about her childhood in Tehran, Iran, and how everything changed.

An immigrant’s journey: From Venezuela to the U.S.
December 5, 2017 App Interview

This is the immigration journey of Marilyn, a Venezuelan girl who left her country, due to increased violence, and came to the US to pursue a better future


This is and interview on mom and about how she got where she is now.