American Studies Immigration Interview
October 16, 2019 App Interview

An interview on John Fiffy’s experience from immigrating to America from Greece.

Unknown American Interview Project

The experience of coming to America for the first time and the culture shock that came with it.

First World Problems and Reflecting on Immigrating 35 years Later

We spoke about Edwin’s choice to immigrate to the United States as a young adult and how he feels about it looking back thirty five years later.

Interview: Rebecca

An interview about immigration to the US from Ghana

Immigration project

Interview on the immigration of my grandmother moving from South Korea to America.

Interview with my mom

In this interview with my mom we went over what it was like for her to move to the United States and what her childhood was like. We spoke about her favorite memories of me and what the most difficult...

Story Corps 2018

An interview with my great grandma on her childhood and moving to the United States from Italy

First Term Project

I interviewed my Tia Lilia who immigrated from Ecuador and her experiences of coming here.

My dad

I talked about my dad’s experience in coming to America as a kid. The interview was cut off. There will be a part 2/continued.

Giovanni and Maria talk about Maria life who is part of the X generation. ” I am the first in my family to get a college degree.”

My moms childhood life leading up to what she is today. Her relationship with her family and how they seem her being the youngest of her family. I covered my mothers childhood, parents, work, exceptions that others had on her,...

Fatima Gomez discusses with her father Antonio how his life has been being a parent and immigrating to America.

The interview took place on November 26 in Chicago, IL in my parents’ store. My father, Antonio, was interviewed. He is 50 years old and I am 16. We discussed his life as a parent, his childhood life, his life...

A look into the life of an immigrant nurse
December 3, 2017 App Interview

A general overview of what life was like and the new experiences she had

Immigration Story

A story of what my grandparents had to go through immigrating to this country given in the perspective of my father.

Interview with Ginette

We spoke about Ginette’s time in France, her travel to America, and important people in her life.

The Great ThanksGiving listen with Hector Becerra (My Dad)

My dad talks to me about some of his memories of his time in Mexico as well as some of his memories of me after we moved to Mexico (A problem occurred in the middle of the recording where it...

Your history and how I came to be

I interviewed my mom on her history and how she felt about me as a person.