Lourdes’s Family History Interview with her Mother

Interviewing my mom and asking her about different moments in her life that both reflect on my past and her past.

Christian Gabriel Long

It is my mothers story on how she immigrated to the us

Ilona Nanay and her mom, Julia, talk about life and surviving 2020

Ilona Nanay (31) talks with her mom, Julia Nanay (69), about her experiences fleeing Hungary, growing up in the United States, and living through a global pandemic. Julia shares how difficult it was for her family to start over in...

As Told To ~ Tanya Newman

Tanya talks about the time when she was 16 and had to board a train to leave Odessa and all of her friends.

Mia Forsberg immigration project

interviewing Fiona on her immigration from south africa

Immigration Interview

Interview with Nicoloas Hristodulu on October 13, 2019 about his Immigration to the United States

Sammi Stanley’s Interview

We talked about Cecile’s immigration to America.

Behind the Smile of an Immigrant

Adan Morales is an immigrant from Mexico who like most seeked a better life. With the help of his dad he was able to begin his American Dream that would not be so easy at the beginning.

Interviewing Dad: Thanksgiving 2019

On my dad's 58th birthday, I decided to sit down with him and talk about his journey through life as someone who grew up in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, saw the Berlin Wall go down, and then immigrated to the...

My mom, Mercedita

I interview my mom about coming to the US from the Philippines, her thoughts on religion, and being a parent.

December 4, 2019 App Interview

An interview about childhood in the Philippines.

My Parents’ Perspective.

A small interview of my parents about what they thought of America and why they decided to come here.

History? No, Her Story

In this interview my mom describes her trip to America from the Philippines along with different aspects of it.

"We Come from a Line of Strong Women"

In this recording Abigail Jacobo interviews her mother, Ana Jacobo about her life in Mexico, what it was like to immigrate to the United States, and about her family. Almost 29 years ago Ana came to this country and was...


interviewing my dad about his life in America and Vietnam

Honors lit

We talked about childhood and their experiences coming to the United States

Nani’s Interview

Some topics discussed are the immigration experience of my grandmother, Nani, from India to America and some points about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mom Interview

My mom explained her experience moving to the US. She also said what things about the US stood out to her.

Cousin Brain interview

Interview with my cousin, was working before the pandemic at the US and was studying as well

Rafael-Goes to Milwaukee

A quick recap about my dad and his journey coming into the United States.

The immigration from Mexico to Milwaukee

What was talked about was the immigration of my mom when she had to move away from her love one to see her love one.

Maria’s trip to Milwaukee

My mom’s trip into coming to the U.S. And her experience.