Israel’s practice interview

Israel mostly talks about how he wants to be rembered . He talks about lessons he has learned in life and why they’re important to him .

The life of my grandma moving from Mexíco to America.

In this interview which was executed in Mission Viejo, California at 1:30 PM, Dario (14) interviews his grandma Alejandra (75). In the interview, Alejandra talks about how she moved to America from Mexíco to establish a new life. She also...

CHS Career Prep

We was talking about our childhood and and life

interview with mom

we talked about how i was as a child. we also talked about my moms life about 20 years ago.

StoryCorps Interview

We talked about some examples and mile stones she wants to set in life. We also talked about her career path

The Giver Project

We talked about his childhood, were was he deployed when he was in the military, and where did he travel.

Gabriel Atto LHP Interview

Talked about the journey of my interviewee.


It was really interesting learning about all the stuff that happened.

9/11 interview by Kaium Farhad

Didn't know how to put the previous recorded interview here, so I made another one.

Getting to know my sister better

Some things that were talked about were childhood memories, adventures, achievements, obstacles in life that we have overcome.


My mom and Italked about how her life was growing up.

An Interview With My Favorite Teacher Growing Up

I took the time to interview one of my teachers who made a huge impact on me. He was my middle school geography and history teacher. I had a close relationship with him and spent most of my time going...

Sister Growing Up Interview

I interviewed my older sister Sara about her childhood and growing up in Ethiopia. She shared personal stories and the memories in Ethiopia.

Grandpa on his life as a business owner

My gradfather owned a trailer axel and parts distribution wearhouse. Listen as he describes his life as a former business owner.

My mother and I

My mom mostly talked about her childhood and growing up

Interviewing Dad

I talked to my dad a lot about his past and just his thoughts on his life as well as the people in his life including me.

English 7th Period Questions- Jamarian Lee

My grandfather (Marshall Sproling) talked about his childhood and how it brought him to where he is today. Also, he talked about the disadvantages in his life and how he deals with them.

Getting To Know The Person You Know Best

Did you ever wonder what your parents were like before you came along? On November 26, 2017, at the age of 15, Topper Guild interviewed his mother, Toni Kotite, about her childhood and how that influenced her choice of career....

Just a few questions

I learned a lot about my grandfather from asking him these questions

Interview with my dad

We talked about how he left and the challenges after he moved