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The Great Thanksgiving Listen (ArtsEye)

Talking and laughing about funny stories from Monica’s childhood, her daughter, and myself! Very informational and fun!

Mr simeth

Questions about Mr Simeth’s life

Interview with father

It’s about my father explain about his life and lessons .

Interviewing My 6 year old brother!

We talked about the standard questions that were listed. He didn’t quite understand them because he is only just about to turn 7. I didn’t expect him to know much but he still gave the information he knew or tried...

Interview for English project

I chose to do my mom for this interview.

Me and my mom

We talked about how my mom was in the past and how she wants to be remembered

Josh and his dad

We talked about him mostly and he said some things that made me smile

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her childhood and a childhood story. She told me about what she is most proud of in life and how her and my grandpa meant.

The great thanksgiving listen

Me and my dad talked about What his favorite times were

Is life better now

Is life better now then back then

Immigration Story Interview

This interview is about the story of my mother and the struggles and sacrifices she had to make coming to the US

Integrative Leadership Interview

It is me interviewing my grandma about her life.

An interview with my mom

I interviewed my mom and learned so many things about her personal experiences, opinions and beliefs. She described the kind of job that she have and how a typical day looks like in her workplace. I also learned that she...

StoryCorps Interview Assignment

I asked questions asking mainly about his life and pst experiences.

Thanksgiving 2020

I interviewed my mom and she shared her thoughts on questions I asked.

Abier Najm shares stories, and wisdom from her childhood for listeners in the future.

Abier Najm(46) speaks to her son, Omar Abdalla(15), about her childhood life. She speaks about the struggles she went through living in an oppressive society in fear of the government and how she pushed through it. Both funny and sad,...

Interviewing Xhyla’s grandparents

We asked the grandparents certain questions from their past and how they feel on our society today.

Final- Interview

I interviewed my uncle about his childhood

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my mom to find out information I normally wouldn’t ask her about.

A day with my Best friend

We discuss everything about his life as a child and described what is life like for him