My Uncle Joe

This is an interview with my Uncle Joe.

History interview with El Paso Historian

I sat down to talk to El Paso historian Mr. Valles to interview him on his personal opinions on his own experience through our history


Interviewing my older cousin

Uncle Joey

Just an interview with my young uncle Joey. He's pretty young and I wanted to know more about him because I've never known much about him even though he's a younger person in my family.

The Great Listen: Aurora Arreola

Today I talked with Aurora about her life, friends, family, and home. I asked roughly eight questions.


Can you tell me who has been the biggest influence on your life? What do you like about art? What made you decide to become an art teacher? What was the hardest class you ever took? What advice would you...

interview with my grandpa

my grandpa talks about growing up in Berkeley California in in the late 60's.

Trevone Sutherland Interview

We have talked about Trevone’s life and some important times and memories.

Angelina’s interview about Justin

Angelina was given a scenario case of a RN who is careless named Justin. I asked her countless questions about his actions and his intentions.

Interview with a Business Major

I will be interviewing a Business Major here at St.Mary’s University. And I’ll be asking him 12 philosophical questions.