Ali & Zahraa

This was an interview passed on many questions I asked my Husband.


Interview with my older cousin

Deep Listening Interview

Interview with Alex discussing her family and Cuba

Thanksgiving pre interview

This interview is a pre interview for a project we are doing in our English class

Son & Mother Interview

I interview my mother about her life in Mexico, moving to the U.S., and when I was born.

Interview with Armstrong

An interview with my friend, Armstrong.

Oral History Interview

We talked about creativity and how it’s changed throughout her life.

It’s happening

This interview is conducted for the purpose of getting to know a friend.

Thanksgiving project

Theses are questions I asked over thanksgiving involving my older brother.

Micheal Duffy

We talked about Micheal Duffy’s experience from a young child to where he is now and how he got there. Listen to his journey on my interview!

Future of Opportunity – Rod Sepand

**The Date Was January 20, 2020** Imagine If you had no supporters and nobody that believed in you.  To prove everyone wrong, you would have to work hard everyday to reach your goal of being successful. My Dad started from nothing...

Growing up in the 50’s

An interview with my grandma about the 50’s