Trisha Naurang – Interview for Music

This interview is about my mothers life between the age of 0-31 and how it has changed.

Austin Izard Interpersonal Communications interview

Discussion of life goals and past were included in this interview. Religion was a more specific topic covered in it too.


An amazing interview with Almita Vamos


We spoke about how much he enjoyed childhood and how he loved sports

Grandmother interview

Interview from one of my grandparents

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandpa

We talked about the future and the past, and a little bit of advice for the future.

Son & Mother Interview

I interview my mother about her life in Mexico, moving to the U.S., and when I was born.

Persia Gratitude Nader
November 28, 2018 App Interview

I talked about being grateful, as well as my mother’s life in this interview with my mom.

Mattie and her sick mother (plus dad)

i interview my mom with a cold, but when i run out of questions i interview my dad. crazy turn of events

Interview with Mc

It was great talking to him and get to about him more

Mighty essays

How is Mightyessays making students’ life easy? Essay and academic writing is something which will be tug along with you until you are studying. Irrespective of academic level, you have to have come across with it in something or another...

Our heroes our villains

Personal questions about Yuna were asked

Thanksgiving pre interview

This interview is a pre interview for a project we are doing in our English class

Paige L. Interview for ASC112 Skyler V

KNarwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Causing a commotion ‘Cause they are so awesome Narwhals, Narwhals Swimming in the ocean Pretty big and pretty white They beat a polar bear in a fight Like an underwater unicorn They’ve got a...