Service Learning Project

I Damian Tinajero am interviewing my mother Patricia Tinajero and discussing about some important, emotional events that happened during my mothers life

interview final part 1 2023

This is the first part of the video. I am interviewing Erika who has a background in soccer and bowling.

Attitude of Grattitude Zhou

Yikun, a middle schoiler, interviews his mom about her life and what she is thankful for.

Parent Interview

In this interview I asked my mom 10 questions about her life.

It’s happening

This interview is conducted for the purpose of getting to know a friend.


Talked about technology and its advancements, society, space travel and more!

Ali & Zahraa

This was an interview passed on many questions I asked my Husband.

English Interview Project 1

I interview my grandpa. I ask him questions about advice for people aspiring to be in the medical field, his favorite memories, medical books he’s written, etc.

Social Media: Then and Now!

Jordyn Roberts (20) interviews her uncle, Derrick McGill (40), who was born in a small town in New Orleans, talks about how he first started on social media from MySpace through Facebook, Twitter and Tik Tok!

Interview with my sister

This was for a college assignment. I interviewed my sister who is 22years old. We both live in Texas.

Service learning- Covid-19

Interview David and his thoughts on covid 19 and the whole pandemic that we’re going through

StoryCorps Interview AP Lang

Interview time with my mother. She has been through many life experiences and imparted some of the wisdom to me. We talked about her childhood and growing up. Through these conversations, we explored how family means not just blood, but...