Ba-chan Interview Pt. 1

My grandmother recounts a life spent between America and Japan, a childhood behind barbed wire, an adulthood of hard work and love. She describes herself as normal, but her story is anything but.

Injustice, Forgiveness, Faith & Perseverance: Reflections of a Japanese American Woman

Janet Powell, an 80 year old Japanese American from Seattle, shares pieces of her life story in this interview with her granddaughter. She candidly discusses her experiences as a child detainee in the WWII U.S. government Japanese Internment Camps, her...

Hailey Yoshida and Marye Kimoto

Hailey Yoshida (16) talks with her great-grandmother, Marye Kimoto (97) about her experience in Japanese internment camps and her life afterward. Marye also talks about what it was like to live during World War II.

Gerry Wakida and Julie Nakagawa March 8, 2020, Fresno, CA

Two Japanese American (Sansei third generation) cousins reminiscing about life growing up in California Central valley, WWII concentration camp, and post-war life in Chicago.

Growing up in Hawaii

Okinawan American talks about growing up in Hawaii in 1930s and 1940s. She also talks about moving to CA to work in a famous hair salon in Beverly Hills called Ménage a Trois. Aunty also talks about her deceased husband,...