Sophia and Yasmin Dmytruk; Japanese Culture to American

Yasmin Dmytruk (48) gets interviewed by her daughter, Sophia Dmytruk (16), for better understanding of her mother's culture, how she came to be, and challenges they both faced together.

Suzie Endow and Ellen Tanouye

Suzie Endow (54) has a conversation with her partner Ellen Tanouye (64) about their relationship and coming out later in life. Suzie talks about first meeting Ellen who was her pastor. Both describe their long term friendship, being Japanese American,...

Legacy: One Place, Two Different Families

Jadyn (16) and Mags (17), friends for eight years, discuss their own family histories, as well as their own lives. They are both fifth generation Californian, and they talk about the family history they have in common, and the parts...

Gerry Wakida and Julie Nakagawa March 8, 2020, Fresno, CA

Two Japanese American (Sansei third generation) cousins reminiscing about life growing up in California Central valley, WWII concentration camp, and post-war life in Chicago.

Junko Takamatsu’s Story of America with her Granddaughter Lauren Kwong

Junko Takamatsu (age 74) is an Japanese American woman born after WWII. She shares her story of coming from Japan to the America. Her granddaughter, Lauren Kwong (age 16) asks her questions about her life in America.

Story of my grandfather and family

I interviewed Chuck Yoneda, my grandfather on my mother's side who lives in Los Altos California. I asked him questions about his childhood on a farm, my japanese great grandfather father during the war, his education at Berkeley, and work...

Injustice, Forgiveness, Faith & Perseverance: Reflections of a Japanese American Woman

Janet Powell, an 80 year old Japanese American from Seattle, shares pieces of her life story in this interview with her granddaughter. She candidly discusses her experiences as a child detainee in the WWII U.S. government Japanese Internment Camps, her...

Ba-chan Interview Pt. 1

My grandmother recounts a life spent between America and Japan, a childhood behind barbed wire, an adulthood of hard work and love. She describes herself as normal, but her story is anything but.

Growing up in Hawaii

Okinawan American talks about growing up in Hawaii in 1930s and 1940s. She also talks about moving to CA to work in a famous hair salon in Beverly Hills called Ménage a Trois. Aunty also talks about her deceased husband,...

Ann Jordan and Yo Azama
November 23, 2020 App Interview

Yo Azama: 2020-11-23 19:21:14 Yo Azama (51) talks to his friend and mentor, Ann Jordan (63), about her mother Tei Dacus (97) who moved to the US to pursue her dream in 1950's and began her career as an educator.

Lisa Doi and Mary Doi

Mary Doi [no age given] interviews her daughter Lisa Doi (29) about her work as an organizer at Tsuru for Solidarity advocating for the Japanese American community, the history of the paper crane, the evolution of folk art in the...

Hailey Yoshida and Marye Kimoto

Hailey Yoshida (16) talks with her great-grandmother, Marye Kimoto (97) about her experience in Japanese internment camps and her life afterward. Marye also talks about what it was like to live during World War II.

Llyn Kawasaki and Alice Chung

Llyn talks about her family's experience in a Japanese internment camp. She talks about the impact that had on her family and community, and then the conversation moves on to her personal history as she reaches a huge milestone -...