Mother’s Day Interview

Interviewing my mother with 10 questions about her life and her opinion on me as her daughter.

Aunt Joymarie’s Job!

Aunt Joymarie Talks about the ups and downs of being a social worker.

Interview 123

My mom said she wanted me to be successful enough to give my children a comfortable life. She would hate to have me or my children have to get up at 4 in the morning to break their back.  She...

Interview with my dad

Today, January 2nd, 2022, I interviewed my dad about what his life was like back then and how it is now, and I learned a lot of new things that I have never heard before. this interview was taken in...

How has covid affected you interview with my father

In this interview with my dad we discussed how covid affected him and some other things about his life. First we talked about some basic things like the people who supported him and how life changed from what he thought...

My interview with Ryan about life

Today’s interview was with Ryan Rider he is 36 years old. He is my husband of 11 years! Our topics were over basic life questions and how certain complications make him feel.

Service Learning

This interview is between me and my stemp, most of my questions are related to her most memorable moment

Thanksgiving Interview with grandma

This interview talks about Sally Drake's life and her story through a series of questions asked by her granddaughter.

Story Corps Project

The interview was smooth and very forthcoming even though it was very short.

RVM Grace Carter

Rvm, Irish Catholic, family, vocation

Abby Versluys
November 26, 2017 App Interview

Interviewing my dad for English

和我住爸的采访Interview with Tyrone Miller

He answered me some questions。回答比较简短,但是他给我说了很多故事在采访之后。将就一下好了。

My mom’s childhood and how she became an engineer.

I asked my mom about her childhood and how it led her to become a engineer.

Papa Joe Interview

The interview was conducted November 26th 2017 by Grace(15) in her bedroom. She interviewed her Pappap Joe(85) about his life and job experience.

In The Eyes Of My Grandma

This is an interview with my grandma and we talked about her childhood,her life now, and what she soon hopes to accomplish.

Zach Comi and his mom, Melissa Comi talk about her life.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018, in Lansdowne VA. Zach Comi interviews his mom Melissa Comi. They talk about her husband, jobs, childhood, and memories.

Evelyn Barnett and her Papa Richard Harless talk about why he became a teacher, interview in Oxford Mississippi. Pt 2

I ask my Papa about why he choose to be a teacher along with other questions related to that topic. The Interview took place in Oxford Mississippi over the phone. The Interview took place on Saturday the 24th and 8:00...

Interviewing my father

I interviewed my father about his childhood, his first experience in the United States, and overall how his life has been from his first wife to his first child.