Story Corps Interview

In this interview, we talked about what childhood was like, jobs/ hobbies, and religion.

Interview With My Grandfather

Interviewing my 75 year old grandfather, discussing family origins, military service, and his experiences as a father.

“There is nothing in the world you can’t do, unless you say you can’t”

An interview with Charles Stark, my Grandfather, about his life and his views on the world. End was cut short due to error on interviewers part.

Impressions On How Life Has Changed For The American

This interview conducted in Niskayuna, New York in December 2017, by Matthew Chao (16) interviewing his grandfather John Dowley (74) about his time growing up and his family. Dowley shares how his family influenced his life and initiated changes in...


Her memories in the work field, of growing up on a farm, travel, and her happiest moments.

Synthesis interview

I talked to my mom about her life and the lessons she learned.

Papa’s Side

This is an interview between myself and my grandpa, Valentino Agonias.

Jack Noble interviews his grandfather Alan Mensch on his life and his accomplishments

Jack Noble interviews Alan Mensh on November 22nd in Arnold Maryland starting with his childhood and school experiences as Jew. Then they discuss his jobs as a teenager until he joined the army as a medic during the war. Finally...

The Great Thanksgiving Talk Project

Revisiting their past jobs, school opportunities, travel, and just a dash of politics.

Jesse Weaver talks about his childhood.

In this interview, on November 25, 2018 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Monique Washington interviews her grandfather Jesse Weaver about his childhood. Mr.Weaver shares stories about him involved in the army. He also will discuss his past jobs, Sports, and advice to...

Zoe Zerlang and her mom Alisa Zerlang talk about childhood, family, jobs, heritages, and elections.

In the interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Fortuna, California, Zoe Zerlang(15) interviews her mom Alisa Zerlang(45) about her childhood, jobs, etc. Alisa Zerlang shares about where she grew up and the type of family she grew up in,...

The great thanksgiving listen . Jessica mendoza Wylie east high school,tx nov 28 2017

This recording was taken in Wylie tx on nov 28 2017 . Me,Jessica mendoza , interviewed my step dad , David dees , for a school project for ap human geo . He's 56 and I'm 14 .we talked about...

Carpets to Racing

My dad tells his career story, and how he got from just selling carpets in a small town to radio broadcasting NASCAR races.