The great listen
November 26, 2018 App Interview

I am interviewing my uncle because I'd on the know that much about him and I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to get to know him.

The most wonderful person in my life

My mother, Celica Salgado, details her life experiences from childhood to adulthood to share how she kept pushing forward through anything that blocks her way to her and her families future.

Autumn interviews her grandmother about growing up on a farm
December 1, 2019 App Interview

Autumn interviews her grandmother over the phone and asks her about her growing up. They talk about school, careers, and her children

Olivia Lario interview – 7 year old perspective

Olivia is a typical 7 year old who loves to climb trees and play with friends.

Brad and Dad

I learned about my dads childhood and what he endured all the way to meeting my mom and having me.

StoryCorps Interview

Throughout the interview we discussed my dads childhood and how it’s shaped him today. He grew up with parents who where immigrants from Italy, they where hardworking and loving people who had 4 children, the youngest being my dad. He...

Zoom with Dad

Picking my dad’s brain a little just so I can understand him better and see what he thinks of me.

Carson Cox and Gina Cox, Love is patience love is kind

Carson Cox was doing the interviewing. While Gina Cox did the answering. Gina is my mom. Our conversation consisted of what does love mean to her. Our conversation were based around falling in love, religion and love, and challenges with...

The story of a single mom

Single mom pushed through and gave her kids the best life

Storytelling – Mom

Questions about themselves and things for the future family.

Jonah on the pandemic

6 year old Jonah talks about life during the pandemic.


Talking about highschool and childhood.

Questions for Raja

Raja is put on the spot in a sort of rapid fire interview setting. He prevails and answers honestly!

interviewing my dad :)

i talked with my dad and i got to know a lot of things i didn’t know before

I interviewed a family friend

On November 30th 2019, Frederick Douglass Mccuiston the 4th inviewed Mr. Ed. @20:14. During the interview, Frederick Douglass McCuiston the 4th learned that he had alot in common with Mr.Ed. They both had the same hobbies and both played the...

R. Bui

I asked Mrs. Blake about her proudest life moments and she talked about how happy and grateful she was for her grandkids and kids.

Almost Six-Year-Old Perspectives

I interviewed my almost six-year-old son. I teach high school English and assigned “The Great Thanksgiving Listen” to my juniors so I also wanted to participate. Hearing from elders is amazing. So is hearing from almost-six-year olds.

Interview with my Mom: Maria Patricia Carmona Godinez

In this interview with my mother, she discusses her life story. In Spanish she touches upon how living in Mexico was, how her life had fallen apart and needed to rebuild it so that she could provide to het family.