Dave McShane

Dave is interviewed in Kalamazoo Michigan at friendship village about his career and family

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I, Teagan McKay, spoke to my GGMA about her time in the Navy and then her lifelong education. She told me all about her life.

I interviewed a family friend

On November 30th 2019, Frederick Douglass Mccuiston the 4th inviewed Mr. Ed. @20:14. During the interview, Frederick Douglass McCuiston the 4th learned that he had alot in common with Mr.Ed. They both had the same hobbies and both played the...

Jonah on the pandemic

6 year old Jonah talks about life during the pandemic.

Zoom with Dad

Picking my dad’s brain a little just so I can understand him better and see what he thinks of me.

R. Bui

I asked Mrs. Blake about her proudest life moments and she talked about how happy and grateful she was for her grandkids and kids.

Yesmin Anguiano and Rosa Anguiano

My aunt and I had a conversation where I asked her questions about her past, present, and what she aspires for her future. Her mom and kids were the main subjects.

My Mother

Her life, what has happened, and how she has felt throughout it.

Father and Son Interview

Just a father and son exchanging ideas.

Sammy Finn and Kristen Finn talking about Kristen’s childhood, her kids, and life before and after having kids.

Sammy Finn interviews Kristen Finn on November 26, 2017 in their house, Manhattan Beach, California. They talk about Kristen as a child, her growing up with 3 sisters and divorced parents, her most difficult, happiest, and dumbest moments, her work...

Interviewing Gary Bernard Scales J.R

We basically talked about my fathers childhood. We talked about how he grew up where he lived and other stuff

Interviewing my mom about her life

We talked about my moms life before and after she had kids.

Colleen Munger

Macey McCollar (daughter) interviews Colleen Munger (mother)

Questions for Raja

Raja is put on the spot in a sort of rapid fire interview setting. He prevails and answers honestly!