Career prep interview

He was a very calm respectful guy

My fathers life in one recording

This is a talk with my dad talking about his life and past and filling me with his wisdom

A momment with the best aunt ever

My aunt is a one of a kind she has the heart of an angel you will love the story of her life or af least parts

My Mom
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Weird thoughtful questions to my mom who’s been the biggest inspiration in my life. Raw truths, and some juicy thoughts.

My dad Emmo

We talked about my dads childhood life and about the lessons he has learned in life.

thanksgiving interview

things/people in her life she’s grateful for and happy memories

The great thanksgiving listen interview whit Kathy

One thing that’s was said a lot was to be kind a lot . Another thing that young people are being involved with politics a lot more then back then.

Chicken Pox in Disney

In this interview, Garrett Shaner (16) interviews his mother Cathleen Shaner (48) in the house where Garrett grew up in Egg Harbor Township, NJ on November 23, 2018. Cathleen tells stories of her childhood living in Linwood New Jersey. She...

Interview with my Mom

My mom seemed very proud of the way that she raised me and is very happy with the outcome.

My Pops

Me and My dad going back to speak on my grandmother I never got to meet.

My Dad’s Journey
November 28, 2022 App Interview

A small recording of my dad's childhood.

Thanksgiving Talk !!!

During this interview I learned a lot about the person that I was interviewing. I learned there passion there accomplishments Even learned the explanations of why this person is the way they are. Taking the time so sit down and...

Star Wars and Gummy Bears

Kate Masengill (26) interviews her husband Nathan Masengill (24) about his childhood, work, their marriage.

Aunt Penny

She did not like school growing up, she loves all thanksgiving food. She loves her husband.


Even though you can’t hear it in my dads voice, he is a happy guy and has lived a great life so far.

Sons Interview of his Mother Marguerite Link

Me (14) and my mother (47) discuss my moms life and views of different important subjects and philosophy’s. My mom is very cool while doing so.

Nick and Steve talking about Steve’s life.

This is me talking to my grandfather Steve. We talked about a lot of things but Manley about his life. This helped me learn a lot of things . This was very good to hear and I liked this project.

Interview 11/30 #broncohistorian

This is an interview of my mom, she talks about her life and which people has made a big impact on her

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Dan Armstrong’s life from childhood to now. What it was like growing up for him.

Sit down with Troy

Troy Barnes, who is 28 years old, gives us insight on his life lessons and special people in his life.