Hilda McGinnis and Jim McGinnis

Jim McGinnis (59) interviews his mother, Hilda McGinnis (91), about memories from her childhood and life as a young adult.

Ancestor Interview

I interviewed my grandpa about his relatives from Italy

Adam walkers Interview with Don walker

I talked to my grandfather about his life and family. I asked how his work life affected him

American Expat, from Korea to Thailand: An interview of Robert Jerry Draughon by Roberta Draughon Goode

Roberta Draughon Goode (53) interviews her father, Robert Jerry Draughon (84) for future generations and for family history. Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jerry enlisted in the Korean War at age 17. An entrepreneur with a taste for adventure, he...

Korean War interview with my Grandfather

Summary about my grandfathers experience during deployment

Talk Story with Sam Yabono in Volcano, Hawaii

Sam and I talked about what life was like on the plantation, his experiences in the Korean war, and advice for teenagers all with the background of Volcano farmers market.

Allison Cooley and her grandfather, Ronald Ford, discuss Ronald's experience in the U.S. Army

This interview, recored on November 21st 2020 from Albuquerque New Mexico where Allison (16) lives, interviews her grandfather, Ronald (87), who lives in Concord New Hampshire, explores Ronalds early school days in New Hampshire and life overseas in Taiwan, drafted...

Grandpa’s interview

A recollection of grandpa’s life from the very beginning

The Survival of the Korean War

“Everyone has to watch each others backs.” (1:22) On January 6th of 2020 in Laurel Canyon, Mike Badalian was interviewed by Jessie Reitz on his experience in the Korean War and why it made such a big impact on his...

My grandfathers story.

In this my grandfather talks about his struggle with his family during the depression, highschool life, and more

Everything’s Coming Up Ted

Ted Shank, university professor, director, and playwright, sits down with friend Sara Ah Sing and discusses life and experiences. Interview conducted on 4/24/18 in San Diego, California.

Raymond Matteis and Penny Matteis

Spouses Ray Matteis (65) and Penny Matteis (65) recall important life lessons their respective parents instilled in them, share early memories from the 1950s and 1960s, and talk about how their families were different but shaped them into who they...

James Huber’s memories of his childhood and growing up

Talking with my grandfather about his memories. We talked about his memories of his parents and grandparents. What he had enjoyed dojng as a kid. What his kids were like when he was young.

A Whole New World

Peter Chung (15) talks with Joanne Chung (49), recalling her life and regrets, talking about her family, her past, and her sons.

An American In Japan: Korean War (Pt. 1)

My grandfather tells me the stories of his service on the MRS (military rail service) in American based Japan during the Korean War. He gives personal insight into his experience as a young American man in an unfamiliar land during...

Korean War

I interviewed my grandmother on her experiences and of what she remembers of the Korean War

Life Experiences

Bill O'Brien talked about his experiences in the military during the Korean War.

Postwar America Interview

My grandfather Tom Mastrogiovanni tells his story of his experience being drafted into the Korean war. He talks about his time on the ship over, his injury, and experiences.

Korean War Memories

I interviewed my Grandmother about my Grandfathers service in the Korean War.

A Child’s View of the Most Pointless War

Chong Sun Kim was 13-years old when she had to leave her home with only a bag full of belongings, in the wake of the battle that would tear apart the Korean Peninsula. In November of 2017, 14-year old Nathan...

Howard Greene

Madeline Sisk talks with her grandfather for the second time about his history.