LHP Interview 1

An interview of a witness of a Chinese defection in 1983.


My grandfather’s life in the military. Their life and what they had to share about it

Papa Thanksgiving 2019

Papa talks about growing up during the Depression, enlisting in the Navy, and how acts of kindness have a great impact.

Vincent Vogel and his Uncle Guy Williams talk about Family life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

We talked about his early life. I also asked about his family growing up. Guy talked about his marriage and his wife and children. He also mentioned his views on religion. Overall it was a very fun interview and I...

Interview with my Grandfather

In this interview, I get to know my grandfather better who experienced hardship in his life. As one who lived through the Korean War as a child, my grandfather would go on to serve in the Korean Army as a...

Ben Bell and Jeff Schwehn

Jeff Schwehn (74) interviews his neighbor Ben Bell (87) about his time serving in the Army and what it was like for him to be on the frontline during the Korean War.

The Korean War and my family

I chose to interview my great grandfather about his experiences being in the Korean War. I also asked questions about our family and his past.

The Korean War Through the Eyes of a Soldier

Formal First class Sergeant of the 5th Regimental Combat Team of the U.S Infantry Bill Parker (85) describes his 13 month deployment in Korea during the Korean War (1950- 1953). When Sergeant Parker was interview by his grandson, Andrew Goetz...

A Spanish teacher from Missouri remembers the 50’s and 60’s

My interview summary: I interview my grandma about living in the 50's and 60's. She talks about her childhood, and what it was like in high school during a time of racial tension. She talks about taking a group of...

Richard Dolan and his experience in life and the Korean War 1953-1955

The interview is About Richard Dolan and his experience in life now and life in the Korean War.

LHP- Korean War

korean war-my grandpa’s experience being in the navy

Korean War Interview

My great grandfather and I talking about his experience in the Korean War

Interview of former Marine Donald J. Dubas

We discussed his life as a marine, his family members that fought in Korea and Vietnam, his race riot experience, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his political opinions and affiliations during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen By Amanda London

I asked my grandfather mostly questions about the Army and Korean War. He liked it very much.

Unit 1 performance task

Ann J. Haydon is a child of two Greeks, and they moved to the United States because her father was apart of the navy. This interview explains a lot about who Ann J. Haydon is and about her families experiences.