Story of Leon Lundquist

The incredible life story of someone who grew up on a farm, was drafters into the military, started his own company, and created a huge family.

Betty and Paul Price

I interviewed my grandparents, Betty and Paul Price. We talked about how they met and what it was like where they grew up. They told me all about teen clubs and how different things cost back in the day. I...

Interview with Korean Grandmother about her Childhood and her life during the Korean War.

This interview focused on the history of the Korean War and the effects of it influencing the presidency. The interviewee shared some of her stories about life during the Korean War and also stories about how her timid behavior as...

A Whole New World

Peter Chung (15) talks with Joanne Chung (49), recalling her life and regrets, talking about her family, her past, and her sons.

James in Lebanon.

Marine in the Korean War an interview.

The Korean War: A citizen’s story

I discuss with my grandmother about her life as a child during the Korean War, and her family’s experiences durijg the time period.

Korean War Interview

We talked about why he decided to fight in the U.S. army. We also talked a lot about his experiences during the span of the war.

Suzanne Kovic

From the start, we talked about family history and immigration. From there, her relationships with family members bled into her experiences and views of different presidential administrations. The Vietnam war had a large impact on her family, seeing that her...

What’s up Mom?

Listen to an interesting Family Background of the Kim Family!

John Painter’s Moon Landing Story

John Painter shares his Moon Landing story for the Moon Landing in Context Project at Framingham State University. John discusses his experience serving as an Air Force Navigator in the late 1950s, working as an Electrical Engineer at the NASA...

John Wallace Interview 03/24/18

Interview with John C Wallace on his life and career. Petrolane KOA and more await!

Weaver Bros

Discussing with my parents a variety of topics including war veterans on both my mother’s and my father’s sides. Starting with my mother talking about her childhood, her father’s career as a forester, and our ancestry. Read from records my...

A morning with Bill Vassey

Bill Vassey is a great man. He spoke with us about the time he spent in the Korean War and the travels he had made throughout his life. Bill talked about his late wife that meant the world to him....

Interview with my Grandfather

In this interview, I get to know my grandfather better who experienced hardship in his life. As one who lived through the Korean War as a child, my grandfather would go on to serve in the Korean Army as a...

Anastazia Herbst and her Great Uncle Henry (Hank) Herbst talk about his life in Ford City, PA.

In this interview, conducted on November 25th, 2018 in Sarver, Pennsylvania, Anastazia Herbst (16) and her Great Uncle Henry (Hank) Herbst (82) discuss his childhood and adult life in Ford City, PA. Mr. Herbst shares his experiences of enlisting in...

My grandfathers childhood

In conclusion my grandfather survived through the Great Depression survived WW2 enlisted in korean army in 1950 had four children and 12 grandchildren now lives a peaceful life

Grandpa’s interview

A recollection of grandpa’s life from the very beginning

Sicilian Grandfather

This interview was about Joseph Cardinale’s childhood, and professions. He worked as a ceramics teacher, Actor, as a butcher, and was also in the navy during the Korean War on the U.S.S. Iowa.