Exchange student expierence

chiara describes her expierence as being an exchange student here in california

What’s more?

Opened our hearts to discuss how living authentically and finding the good in a narrow world opens our lives to so much more.

Interviewee mom

We talked about growing up and learning a new language.

Speaking different languages at home/school

Got to hear about Amsi’s language skills, what was hard and what she enjoys about knowing English as her second language.

Media Portrayal of Men, Women, and Politics
November 3, 2017 App Interview

In this podcast, we discuss how media bias ties into the roles of men, women, and politics.

Joshua Gordon StoryCorps Interview

My roommate Matthew and I discuss communication and culture in his life

Thanksgiving Interview

We spoke about the importance of reading and the effects it has on children's lives- such as their behavior, lifestyle, social skills etc. We also spoke about my grandmother's experience as a teacher and what resources students had access to...

The Boat To a New Cluture

On November 24th in Los Angeles California, 14-year-old Jason Marounian interviewed his dad, Arthur Marounian. Arthur Marounian was an immigrant from Lebanon. He came to America because of the civil war in 1983. When Arthur was a kid he played...

UNCA LANG interview Rachel and Katie

We shared with each other a story about an experience that changed the way we think about writing, reading, communication, or education. I recorded it on my computer using Quicktime Player and Katie was over the phone on speaker. We...

Interview with Ashley Davies on 3/25

This is an interview with Ashley Davies, an amazing professor on the CSU campus, where she talks about her life experiences, what she has learned, and how she has grown throughout her life.

My mother, Claudia Hortua, shares stories from her upbringing.

I interview my mother about her childhood in Colombia, coming to America, adopting a new culture, and the many lessons life has taught her. She shares experiences and people that have shaped her into the strong woman she is today.

Language and Culture Story

Talked about my mom's culture and language background and how it was like for her to come to a different country to live.

Other Languages

Heritage is a great thing to hold on to and be proud of. At times we stray away from our heritage when going about our lives, but it is important to always remember where you came from, and to pass...

“Challenge yourself for what you think you can’t do.”

On December 1st, 2019, Karina Lo speaks with Belinda Lo, who is her mother. Karina asks Belinda about her childhood and the experience from when she came to America. They discuss about the hardships and challenges Belinda went through to...

Chat with Gma

We talked about life in Nebraska, life in Utah, and some other stuff.

The Perceived abilities and inabilities of men and women.

This discussion is one in which we all speak of certain topics that pertain to the certain abilities and inabilities of both men and women.

Ending of Interview with Maria Davis

Finishing up the interview and talking about advice for people who could be immigrating today.

Korean journey Lulu

Learn about how lulu learned korean kn her own. And how that has changed her.