Stacey Shaffer

11 question interview with my mom, Stacey Shaffer

Life Lessons from my Teacher

My special friend and teacher shares advice for a successful life with me.

Nick Carlson has a conversation with his papa, Terry Carlson, about his experiences throughout his lifetime.

My papa gave me a summary of his life growing up, his influences and lessons he learned. He also described his many occupations, how he met my nana, and past family members.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

Interview the Gamal Abdel-Hafiz about his life about childhood to now and what lessons he has learned down the road.

A one of a life time lesson

In this interview conducted on January 13, 2019 in Irvine California, Diangelo Guevara, which is 16 years, interviews his grandfather, William Rodríguez, about his childhood in the country of Puerto Rico. Mr. Rodriguez shares stories about his harsh childhood and...

Interview with Cam

Just talking about lessons learned and the importance of education. Very casual.

Papa Mon

My grandfather and I talked about how he met my grandmother, his teenage years, religion and spirituality, and what he wants to leave behind.

Jadelyn Melara interviews her mother Jade Perez about what makes Jade.

In this interview, conducted on November 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Jadelyn Melara (16) interviews her mother Jade Perez (45) about what makes her who she is. Jade Perez shares who her biggest influences have been. She also talks about work...

Zoe and Bennett Interview Mom

Making a sample interview to use with high school class.

Talks with Mom

We discussed different aspects of my mom’s life ranging from her childhood to now.

Drew Baker’s interview for StoryCorps, 2017
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this recording Drew Baker at Washington Juinor High in Bentonville, Arkansas, records an audio file for StoryCorps. Drew Baker is is seventh grade. He is interviewing his Dad about his life.

A Conversation with Nana

I asked my Nana several questions about life and lessons learned.

Interview with an old person: Pettway Boyd

During this interview, we talked about what he has learned in life and what his life had been like. We also talked about the effect the pandemic has had on his life.

Challenges in transitioning from Colombia to United States.

The hard transitioning from Colombia to United States and, how can family effects and supports you in a positive way. See as well show the struggle of language barriers. she as well shows why she left Colombia in order to...

Varshini Ganesh and her sister Shivani Srividya talk about their life moments and growing experiences.

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd, 2017 in Plano, Texas, Shivani Srividya talks about her childhood. Varshini Ganesh and Shivani Srividya being sisters talk about them growing up together. She talks about her memories and vivid imaginations as what...

Who I Am Today

In this interview I discuss my cousin Travis view on life through his stories, experiences, and him telling me the different things that he has learned in his lifetime. Through the good and the not so good, I learned something...

Overview of my Mother’s Career and Life Lessons

Devin Klemstein (17) interviews him mother, Dena Klemstein (49) about her work life, parenting, and life lessons.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen.
November 19, 2018 App Interview

I’m interviewing my dad for the great thanksgiving listen. I am asking questions about his past life. We are in Mckinney Texas.

Life Growing Up

This is an interview with my old next door neighbor who is like my grandma and built-in best friend. She talks about life growing up and important life lessons she’s learned.

Chicago is Where I Wanna Be

Nichole Perez (17) interviewed Sean McGuire(28) and found out he grew up in a small town, but always knew he wanted to come to Chicago.