Uyanga J. Irvin

We talked about my moms childhood and the schools shes attended, the lessons she's learned, and words of advice she has for future generations.

Jihad Saafir and Tariq Abdul-Qawi-Ali

Friends Jihad Saafir (40) and Tariq Abdul-Qawi-Ali (22) speak with each other about their Muslim identity, share lessons they've learned from their fathers, and talk about their educational pursuits.

Melinda and Kenya

Melinda (34) talks to Kenya (40) about her work on the front lines as a nurse during COVID 19.

Edward Bloch and Meredith Skeath 2

Edward Bloch (87) is interviewed on 10/10/2020 by cousin Meredith Briggs Skeath (71) about how to adapt to losing one's spouse, the importance of being true to oneself, what accounts for his steady, positive, generous nature, and the Covid virus...

Alden Laborde and her mother Jennifer Laborde talk about the differences of growing up and raising your own kids.

In this Interview im November 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia, Alden Laborde (17) interviews her mother Jennifer Laborde about her childhood and growing up all the way through raising her own kids. She talks about her different relationships, whether that be...

Important questions for teenagers

Talking about life, and events that shape you as an adult

Questions with Mom

I (Maria Wagner (18)) interviewed my mom (Chris Wagner (54)) on Saturday, April 8th, 2023. We talked about many topics relating to her childhood, family traditions, hardships, happy memories, and her life today! We enjoyed getting to sit down together...

O and Kk in the backyard

An interview with Olivia (grandaughter) and Kay (grandmother)

Abbygale Mode interviews her dad, Alan Mode, about a few main points in his life.

Abbygale Mode (age 15) interviews her dad, Alan Mode (age 40). Many of the topics we discussed related to family and personal experiences. I (Abbygale) learned many things about my family through these questions and feel like I was taught...

Jesse Justo ad his mom Sheryl talk about their scary and traumatic experience at the hospital.

In this interview on November 26 in Oahu, Hawaii, Jesse Justo (15) has a conversation with his mom, Shieryl, about Jesse’s experience at the hospital. At the age of 3, Jesse was diagnosed with a very fatal disease that Shieryl...

Samantha Santillan and her mom Louella Santillan talk about family and growing up.

This interview takes place in Samantha Santillan’s living room on November 29th 2019. Samantha (13) interviews her mom Louella Santillan (46) and asks questions about childhood, careers, and having kids.

Austin’s Childhood and Lessons Learned

During class, I met with Austin and we discussed some parts of his childhood, lessons he learned both from himself and his brother, and what shaped who he is today.

My Mother’s Life

In this interview we cover the topics of my mother’s childhood, family, lessons learned, religion, and future.

Jon Trachtenberg and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: A thoughtful conversation with Jon Trachenberg about his childhood in Long Island, New York, to his life as a father in Andover, Massachusetts.

Beata Turnquist with Helen Turnquist

Beata Turnquist (16) discusses the history of her own family and the events in history that they participated in with her grandmother Helen Turnquist (72).

Me and my Grandma

Today I will be intervening my grandma and asking her these questions I came up with. It was a pleasure talking to her. I have learned so much from her and I have learned things about her that I didn’t...

Amazing Interview with Pepe Part 1

In this interview, we talked about my grandfather’s childhood, his parents, his various careers, and our family. His childhood was tough. His various careers and hobbies were absolutely amazing and some how connect to each other. I’ve learned so much...

Interviewing my Grandparents
November 22, 2022 App Interview

Today I interviews my Grandparents Danny(69) and Rita(66) Crider. I asked some questions that were personal and involved some critical thinking.