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A conversation about life, love, loss, learning, goals and support systems with Mr Tom from The Spot at APHS.

Interview with my mom(Nancy Ruiz)

Talking about her family,past life,future,present,and kids

Growing Up

Donzell talks about his life being Native American and Mexican American and his life story growing up in different places.

Interview with my mom

My mom and I talked about life and how she views it along with how she sees me

Dad and Daughter Impact Interview

My dad and I talked about the positive things he’s done in life and it was eye opening

Interview with my older brother

I learned some new things from my brother and got to open up a new kind of conversation with him

Mr Gates

I interview Mr. Gates and we talk about the ups and downs about his life and I learned things I never would have known other wise and I am genuinely really glad I got to know Mr. Gates more because...

The legacy of my grandfather

Asking my Grandfather stories about his life