Thanksgiving listen

The conversation I had was about my moms life. I learned about who she is.

moms interview

we talked about childhood and the future of what has happened and what our hopes are to happen.


We talked about what we were grateful for and life lessons.

100 years old

I interviewed my 100 year old great-grandmother at her home in East Boston

Isaiah Collins

Honestly I just asked him about his life then started asking about what he thought about certain things in life.

My Grandmother

My Grandmother, Cherie Ruiz, talks about things. This was recorded in a restaurant so you will hear background noise.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My papaw shared memories & lessons he’s learned from his life so far.

Interview with my mom, Elaine Mead

I asked my mom questions about her upbringing her professional life and her relationships with some of her family

Interview with my Dad- Maya Watt

Maya Watt (18) speaks with her father, Jerry Watt (66) about life, influence, and change.

Service Learning

The intricacies of human life and the intricacy of my mother’s life.

Sister Talk

“I want to be remembered as a fighter.”

Sheila Colfer 2019

An interview with Sheila dean Colfer. An amazing mom.

My mom

I asked my mom about her life and growing up

Una entrevista con mi mamá sobre nuestra herencia

Spoke with my mom about her life growing up. Also about our family’s background. Interview done in Spanish.


I asked a few light questions about his personality and interests.

Christopher Kinne
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Talk with my dad about his life