Story corps origin interview

In this interview I got to know a little more about not only myself but also my mother. This interview was probably the longest bonding moments we have had in a while so it was a good moment.

Grandma Carol

My grandma talked about her life and many of her experiences.

my life, your life

A short interview with my sister. Miranda is 21 years old, about five years older than I am. We talked about simple things, like my life and her early life. The questions I asked were broad, but she gave much...


This was a interview between me and my cousin

A interview with family

In this interview I ask my grandpa about live

Timothy Saller

We talked about his life.

My Dads Life ft my brother

So me and my brother Cameron asked my farther about his life

My uncle

In this interview I asked questions about my uncle’s life before adulthood.

Thanksgiving talk

It was fun and I got to know my grandma more

Interview with Lexi

Lexi and I spoke a lot about where she came from and how she got to where she is in life. She’s very passionate and very humble. I learned a lot about the small town she grew up in as...

Walt Disney

A interview about Walt Disney's life

Interviewing my Dad

I talked with my dad about his life back when he was my age and today.

Interview with Dede King Part 2

Learning about my mothers journey through life.


During this interview, I learned that BK loves me a lot and really cares about her family and everyone around her.

An interview with my professor

This interview is with a professor I look up to greatly. He is a man with wonderful morals and values.

Interview with my roommate

Sam is one of my best friends and someone I talk to about anything. As someone who went into the workforce across the country before going to school, he’s has acquired a lot of thoughts and views on the world.