Life Transition

This interview was based on my husband life experience and journey.

Interview With the Basketball Lover
September 16, 2018 App Interview

This interview is about how a basketball lover learned to love the game without still playing. It also touches base on how his basketball love helped him create other hobbies and develop a good career out of it.

Honors American studies immigration interview

This interview is about how my mom overcoming moving into the u.s and obstacles she went through

Interview with Jenny Garver

In this interview we talked about what life is like outside of the United states and how she overcame many changes in life.

Story corp interview

We talked about mr. sheians live changes and the people that impacted his live

How Covid Changed A Full Time Student & Workers Life

I, Noah Couden had an interview with Jillian Street regarding her life and the impact covid has made on her. This included her work life as well as her school life and where her future leads because of covid.

The Land Down Under

Halie’s life needed a change in scenery so she decided to leave the U.S and head for the land down under in hopes to find herself.

My Mother and me (son) on the talk of Life. (Spanish)

This is a conversation between me and my mother based on her life experience and what she went through to give me lessons and an adventure of scenes of distinct cultures. It can also be seen the ideologies that she...

my best friend, my sister

About our relationship as sisters but as best friends and what the future holds with us being apart the next year

Nyah Hoskins, Patrisia Vekima, and Michaela Clarke

Friends Nyah Hoskins (25), Patrisia Vekima (25), and Michaela Clarke (25) reminisce on defining memories from their friendship such as first meetings, college life, living together, transitioning out of college, and more.

1960s interview

My grandpa, Paul Market, was 15 in 1960. During this interview, he discusses his lifestyle during the 1960s and his feelings regarding the major changes in his life and the overall time period. Also, he mentions major events that he...

Bella Bargman interviwes Adithi Vardhan on a teenager's life during Covid-19.

Bella Bargman: 2021-05-27 16:52:20 Adithi Vardhan reflects on how Covid-19 has changed her life over the past year, from relationships with family and school to new pets and plans for the future.